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Welcome, and thank you for visiting the best online sportsbooks page here at Sports betting has been popular for many years, and with the increase of technology in the world, it has since only taken off even more. There are a ton of online sportsbooks out there offering a myriad of betting lines for every sport. But there is definitely a difference between the best and most trusted sportsbooks out there, and the ones that you might want to avoid. Make no mistake, there are differences. Whether it’s in the range of bets offered, the bonuses, the deposit and withdrawal methods, the quality of an online sportsbook is very important and you want to pick the right one. Here on this page, we detail many of the qualities to look for in the best online sportsbooks, as well as review some of the ones that we have researched, and play at ourselves.


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Best Online Sportsbook Overall

BetOnline Sportsbook is definitely one of the best online sportsbooks around. They offer a wide variety of betting lines from virtually every sport in the world. BetOnline is one of the USA friendly sportsbooks, and offers some great bonuses options for prospective and current players. There are several different deposit and withdrawal methods as well. Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are options as well as a money order, wire transfer, prepaid card and more. Several of these same options are available when cashing out as well, with the added option of a check through the mail. BetOnline is definitely one of the best online sportsbooks out there, giving their players a quality experience.


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Best Overall Online Sportsbook For U.S. Players

When it comes to betting on sports at an online sportsbook, Bovada is right at the top of the list. One of the most trusted and well known names in the industry, Bovada offers their players a variety of betting options for just about every sport out there. They also offer some great bonuses for their players. One of them is a 20 percent welcome bonus, and up to a $100 free bet. But if you are a bettor, Bovada will have the lines you are looking for, whether it’s on the NFL, college football, NBA, soccer, MLB, etc. Bovada accepts USA players, and offers several deposit and withdrawal methods. Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are accepted, as well as other forms of Internet payment mediums. The same can be said for cashing out.


50% up to $1,000

#1 Sports Betting Website For Wagering On Live Sports

If you are looking for the best place to bet live sports online, try visiting SportsBettin and then click into the ‘Live Betting’ section; this will bring you to the home screen. In doing so, readers will see a complete list of ongoing live sporting events available to wager will be found, along with a daily calendar of the upcoming events that the sportsbook plans to form live lines for. Live betting gives bettors the chance to get right in the action, and place bets on unique aspects of the game that provides something different.

SportsBetting features live betting for football, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, and cricket. Each sport is unique in terms of betting live, because they all take place at different speeds. It’s a lot of fun and SportsBetting’s live betting section is as good as any out there.

Best Payout Sportsbooks

5% up to $250
12 to 36 Hrs
50% up to $1,000
Under 12 Hrs
50% up to $1,000
1-2 Days
100% up to $300
1-2 Days
100% up to $1,000
Under 24 Hrs

What Makes These The Best Online Sportsbooks

Not everyone will rank importances in the same order. However, there are some things to pay attention to in general when it comes to playing at the best online sportsbooks. We break them down into a couple of categories, which were briefly mentioned in the intro. Obviously you want to see if the sportsbooks offer what you are looking to place a wager on. The top online sportsbooks will offer a wide-ranging set of bets available from a ton of sports. But it’s also important to look at deposit methods and withdrawal methods. After all, that is what we all bet on sports for right? To win money! So how an online sportsbooks handles the process of registration, depositing, and cashing your money out is very important. Online Sportsbooks that do not do this well will not survive, so you know the ones that we’ve researched have built a solid reputation in the industry. Bonuses are also a key part to the different sportsbooks. There are a number of different types of bonuses offered, and the best online sportsbooks will have several, from sign up bonuses to reload bonuses and more.

Best Online Sportsbook That Accept US Players

For those looking to bet on sports from the United States, the laws and legislation surrounding the issues prevents online sportsbooks from operating inside the country. But USA players still have many options when it comes to top sportsbooks. All of the sportsbooks that we have reviewed accept USA players with the exception of Bet365. But the rest of them, including names like Bovada and BetOnline, accept USA players.

Sportsbook Bonuses

Sportsbook bonuses are an important piece to what makes an online sportsbook stand out from another. And online sportsbooks go to great lengths to offer bonuses to get bettors in on the action and sign up, or continue playing. Sign Up bonuses are the first thing an online sportsbook will offer to a prospective player. But after a player is already signed up for an account, various other bonuses are offered, from reload bonuses, to weekly bonuses. The best online sportsbooks will offer plenty of bonus options for their players.

Best Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Offering multiple deposit options is one of the important factors for online sportsbooks. No one deposit method is the best option for everyone, so what online sportsbooks have shifted to is offering and accepting a number of different Internet payment mediums. Not all of the best online sportsbooks accept the same types of deposit methods. However, all of them will have a few things in common: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, as well as credit cards. But if you have questions, they will have customer service 24/7 in at least one way of communication.

Withdrawal Methods At The Best Online Sportsbooks

Withdraw methods might be the single most important aspect of an online sportsbook. We want to bet, we want to win, and we want to get our money…fast! Many of the top online sportsbooks offer several different withdrawal methods to cash out your account. Usually it’s through an electronic transfer, but almost all of them should offer a check through the mail. Like deposit methods, online sportsbooks will have their withdrawal options listed as well.

Questions About Getting The Fastest Sportsbook Payouts

Do I Have To Withdraw All Of My Winnings When I Want To Cash Out?

Absolutely not! Many times players decide to withdrawal their original deposit after doubling or tripling up. This allows them to get their original investment out, but still keep making bets with the house’s money. Do know that the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts do vary based on the payout method being used, and the sportsbook the payout is coming from.

What Is The Best Way To Get Money Out Of My Sportsbook Account?

We wish there was one answer but there isn’t. That is because this varies based on the player… where they live, where they bet online, and the player’s own personal banking options all play a role in this.

Plus, best can mean several things. To some, “best” means the fastest while to others it could mean the most reliable or trusted payout method. From experience, every payout method has it’s advantages depending on the person that is using them and the only way to answer this is by applying it to your personal specifications.

How Do I Withdraw Funds From My Sportsbook Account?

Again, this is another answer that varies depending on which online sportsbook you are trying to get funds from. At most online sportsbooks this is very easy, but it will also depend on the deposit method used to fund the account originally.

For instance, at Bovada a user that deposited with a credit card would need to verify their identity before a payout will be processed. At other sportsbooks, this may not be the case as some require users to take this step before they will even accept your deposit.

The point we’re making is that each sportsbook is unique in their guidelines for player payments. But the thing that is universal, is that withdrawing funds from online sportsbooks starts at the cashier which is also the spot where users can get all the pertinent information needed to ensure they get paid in a timely manner.

Why Do Online Sportsbooks Charge Fees For Payouts?

Before jumping into this, let us say that not every sportsbook charges a fee or surcharge for withdrawal, and those fees will be different depending on the method used to cash out. Now that is covered, let us explain why:

Typically, the sportsbooks that do charge a fee are the ones that welcome players from the U.S. Because online sports betting is still subject to laws like the UIGEA, operators must go through extraordinary lengths to circumvent them, and that costs money. But, some sportsbooks accept this as being the price of doing business which is why sportsbooks like Bovada allow users one free check withdrawal every month.

Additionally, sometimes the fees are not charged to players by the sportsbook, but rather the third-party used to facilitate the transaction. Going with methods like wire transfers may work quickly (perhaps the fastest), but those are the methods that generally carry the most fees… fees that would be charged whether you were wiring cash to a loved one, or say getting a payment from sports betting sites.

What Is The UIGEA + Why Does It Matter?

Back in 2006, some advocates of anti-online gaming got together to sponsor a bill that would make it illega for operators of online gaming sites to accept payment for gambling purposes. Known officially as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the UIGEA was attached to a much more important bill related to homeland security in the United States.

Once in effect, the UIGEA and the U.S. Government was unable to hold off-shore gambling sites, like online sportsbooks, accountable for violationing the law. It would be a nightmare to prosecute and the U.S. would likely violate international trade laws to bring the operators to justice. So instead, the UIGEA’s focus turned to the banks and dis-allowing them to approve transactions with known overseas gambling entities. Upon doing so, the government created the need for sportsbooks to get creative with not only deposits, but also when it comes to paying players as well.

As it pertains to depositing, the UIGEA hampered the ability for electronic funding through credit cards, debit accounts, and through using electronic checks. Then on the payout end, sportsbooks are no longer able to issue funds back on to credit / debit cards which is why wiring cash, using third-parties, and waiting for paper bank drafts have become popular among bettors living in the U.S.