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There are numerous reasons why one would want to take a crack at betting with, but above all, we most often hear that players love the withdrawal options here. It's well known that this sportsbook is amongst the leaders when it comes to paying players within the time-frame allowed. In fact, often exceeds those numbers by delivering payments faster than they quote. This is the mark of a true gem of a bookmaker and it's just one of the reasons why we've jumped head-first into this complete review of

We're going to kickoff by going straight to the good stuff which would be the Sportsbetting withdrawal options. How long is it going to take, what fees are going to be charged, how much can I get, and much more will be answered as we go. Additionally, you need to know why you'd even want to join this sportsbook in the first place. All of that and more will be addressed by the time you're finished reading this page. If by the end of it you want to join, you may do so. But if not, you can move right along to the next option or just abandon your dream of betting sports online all together... it's entirely your call.

How Long Do Payouts Take?

Ahhhh, the question that matters the most! When looking to withdraw money from the user will have several options at their disposal. If you need payment by tomorrow, this bookmaker has options that deliver within 36 hours or less.

Typically, the faster a payout method delivers, the more fees will be charged to the player for using that method. You're going to hear that a lot on this page, but it's true... not just at but at many of the sportsbooks that allow US players to join. We're not just going to leave you hanging here though because immediately below, we've compiled the complete list of payout options at along with key pieces of information you need to know. Payouts

At, players will have quite a few different payout methods that will be in-play based upon where they live. Best of all, these withdrawal options have the ability to send payments very fast, and players from the United States able to use each of them as needed.

Below, you will find a complete listing of these payout options, all of which are open to those wagering within the U.S. Since players from all 50 states in U.S. are welcomed at this sports betting site, makes sure to give Americans the opportunity to get some of the quickest sports betting withdrawals found at any online betting site. Keep reading to find out more about the individual options.

Check Through The Mail

Those players who don't want to deal with the hassle that can sometimes come with having to transfer money electronically, and want to avoid the higher fees that come along with that, have the option for a sportsbook withdrawals using a check in the mail. It's pretty standard, and the entire process is very easy to complete.

Account holders at will be able to request a withdrawal form and select a check through the mail. Those who exercise this option can expect to receive their winnings within 30 days of the payout request. There is a $25 fee that comes along with this, but it is the lowest fee of any other Sportsbetting payout options... unless you meet the terms and conditions to have your payout fees waived.

Bettors must receive a minimum payout of at least $500, and are not to go over the $2,000 per check maximum payout amount. That might not seem like a lot, but does allow for bettors to receive two payouts per week.

Check Through Courier

Whether with DHL or FedEx, a check through a courier is a very similar process to receiving a check in the mail (through the postal service). This process is jump-started by the selection of the courier option. Unlike the 30-day period that it can take to receive your payout by way of the mail, using the courier selection will ensure payout within 15 business days of the initial request.

The fee for a courier check is slightly higher than a mailed check (just $10 more, $35 total) but that is to be expected since account holders are able receive their winnings in half the time. A maximum of two courier checks per week can be sent to the player, with payouts set at $500 and $2,500 for the minimum and maximum payouts respectively.


Think of the ExpressCheck as a check on steroids. No, it's not any bigger than your payout amount, it just gets there faster even though it still arrives via the same courier services as the normal version. ExpressChecks come with a flat fee of $50 attached so it better get there quick... it does! Those who request payout from via this option report that they usually receive payment within seven (7) business days.

All of the same stipulations that pertain to a check method remain intact here have been set down by as it , including the payout minimums and maximums of $500 and $2,000 respectively. ExpressCheck payouts can be requested two times per week which is really nice if you are on a hot streak of winning bets.

Western Union

A check is not the only fast payout option at In fact, Western Union is the fastest of any withdrawal method here as wire transfer sportsbook payouts are typically the quickest option for U.S. players wagering with any sports betting website. In as little as 12 hours, though it can sometimes take up to 36, those who've requested to be paid through Western Union can have cash waiting for them at the nearest retailer. But just because this is the fastest method, there are reasons why it may not be best.

It usually has to do with fees. The faster you want something, the more you have to pay for it. It's consistent across the board whether you're buying something from Amazon or sending an urgent package to a loved one. A Western Union transfer from is no different. And while fees can be as little as $34, they can also go up to $101. Fortunately, players may ask that fees be waived for their transaction. If the payout amount meets the minimum standards as established by the terms and conditions at the time of payout, players can get any surcharges waived or at least reduced.

The maximum amount that can be sent via Western Union is $950, which is the smallest maximum of the payout methods. A minimum of $100 must be paid out to get a payout as well. In addition to this, only one Western Union payout request can be made per week, but that still offers fifty-two (52) chances for a payout in a calendar year which isn't too shabby. Multiply 52 by the max payout and you're talking about some serious dough.

Bank Wire

The highest payout limit of any method at is through the use of bank wire transaction. But at the same time, it has also got some of the with the highest fees for a minimum amount payout - the maximum fee for using a wire transfer to your bank account is less than some of the Western Union transactions. So, you can see this payout method falls somewhere in the middle.

Those looking at getting paid by way of a bank wire can get up to $5,000 each time they request payment. Furthermore, the player can request a bank wire payment once every 3 days! That's over 120 payouts per year! If each was $5,000, you'd be cashing out over a million dollars per year through BetOnline to your bank account.

The minimum withdrawal request that can be made at for a bank wire is $500, with that fee set at $45. The maximum fee is $75, which coincides with the maximum payout amount. The time is takes to receive a bank wire can be upwards of ten (10) working days. Payments Total Time Of Transaction Min. Payout Max Payout Fees
Check By Mail Payments Arrive Within 30 Days Of Request $500 $2,500 $25*
Check By Courier Typically Arrives Within 15 Business Days $500 $2,500 $35*
ExpressCheck 7 Business Days Or Less To Receive Funds $500 $2,500 $50*
Western Union Payments Available In As Little As 12 Hours $100 $950 $34 - $101*
MoneyGram Between 12 to 36 Hours To Get Payment $100 $800 $26 - $80*
Bank Wire No More Than 10 Business Days To Receive $500 $15,000 $45 - $75*

* sportsbook may waive transactions fees depending on the amount of the withdrawal, and the terms + conditions at time of request

More Info About SportsBetting's Online Sportsbook

Need to know before joining? Sure you do and that is the reason we've included the rest of the info below. Getting paid in a quick and efficient manner is paramount, but having the stuff that is important on the front-end of the experience is just as crucial. To aid you in your quest for knowledge about this bookmaker, we've assembled some of the finer points in the guide below. This section is designed to save you hours of surfing / research and to help see that you aren't blindsided by anything you didn't see coming.

Is Open To American Players?

You can bet on it! Well, not literally but it is all but assured that U.S. players will be welcome here regardless of the state they live in. Unlike other bookmakers who are closed to the United States or limit their registrations to certain U.S. states, makes no distinction and is open to anyone with a working network connection. Considered by many to be one of the legal options for online sports betting in the U.S., gets a ton of traffic from this alone.

To register, simply go to and click the "join now" button. From there you will be asked to provide some basic information, confirm your email and set a password. The process takes a few moments and will never charge you a cent until you decide to deposit. Even then, you will not be charged unless you lose your bets.

How Do I Make Deposits Into Sportsbook?

Depositing into is easy. They offer quite a few options as well. Visa is a major credit card that is accepted. These can be used to deposit, including prepaid versions of the card. For players in the United States though. Credit cards can sometimes be difficult because of the fact that some banks do not like to approve Internet gambling transactions. Bans in the United States surrounding the operation of Internet gambling sites prevent this. Fear not though, there are still other options for payout from sports betting sites including bank wires, wire transfers, cashier checks through the mail, and sportsbook transfers. As you can see, there are several deposit options available at for players to use.

What Deposit Bonuses Are Offered At

Bonuses for are arguably the best of any online sportsbook in the business. For those players who place an emphasis on the bonus options that a sportsbook offers, pay attention. Those who choose to go with will be eligible to receive a sportsbook bonus on every deposit that they make into their account. The bonus in question is a maximum of $900 every deposit. It depends on the deposit method that a player chooses, as to the matched percentage that will be put towards receiving this bonus. breaks this up into two different categories. The first is a credit card deposit, with a 15 percent match bonus up to $900 offered, with the code SBCARD plugged in to receive it. The second is for all other methods of deposit offered by The code for this one is SBCASH, and that matched percentage is 25 percent up to $900, so those who deposit with another method than a credit card won't have to put in as much to get that maximum bonus amount. There is a minimum deposit amount of $50 needed to receive the bonus, and taking the bonus stipulates a 6X rollover requirement.

What Does Have To Bet On?

Sports To Bet On - There are a ton of sports betting lines at in any given day, and those who go with this sportsbook will find it more than satisfactory. For instance, if you are interested in betting on college football, you will find a number of different lines. Weekly game lines throughout the course of arguably the most exciting regular season in sports. Think it's exciting enough already? Try placing a wager on a game and see how much more exciting it becomes.

Just about any professional sport you can imagine is available for betting here, as are the majority of college athletics although certain sports usually don't have odds available until the tournament, playoffs, finals, etc... Sports that are big in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia can also be found here - bet on rugby matches, Australian Rules Football, badminton, darts, cricket + more.

Betting Lines Available - Bet on the spread, moneyline, over/under total, or visit the prop betting lines that can be wagered for each game. It's not just the top-25 covered, ensures to cover just about every FBS game. Heisman Trophy odds and BCS Championship futures are also betting lines that can be seen almost the entire year, whether in-season or not. Of course, college football is not the only sports covered like this here at In fact, there are many sports. More football, basketball, golf, soccer, NASCAR, and others can be found.

Wager / Betting Types - Spreading the field in terms of wager types is also an important feature at Players here will be able to bet straight on game lines, but also mix it up if they so choose. Bettors can wager a parlay, and link multiple bets that they feel good about to increase their payout. Other wager types that make things even more interesting are an if-bet. This is where a bettor will lay down two bets. If the first one wins, it would go over into the second one having to win, for a bigger profit. And if a bettor wants to move a point spread one way or the other, feeling confident to go against the oddsmakers on the line, then a pleaser or teaser will be an option. These aren't offered for every sport though.

Live Wagering - For those bettors who want to feel the rush as if they were actually in the game as it was happening, they can wager in the live betting section offered by Live betting is very interactive for the player, and gets them right in the middle of all that is going on.

Click into the live betting section on the sportsbook main screen, and players will be taken to what matchups are currently available, plus the ones that are coming up later in the day or night. If a bettor sees a game that they like, they can click into that and follow the odds that are being offered.

As you make a wager, it goes over into your bet slip on the right hand side of the screen, for which you can confirm the wager to be placed. keeps a record of your bet slip that you make as you remain in the live wagering section.

Betting On Your Smartphone Or Tablet - Not in front of your computer screen at home? That's ok, you can still get access to your account and betting line on-the-go with the mobile betting option.

One of the nice things about this feature is that there is not an application that needs to be downloaded. The mobile option to make wagers at can be brought up through any Internet browser on your mobile device.

Accepted devices include Apple, Android, + Windows-based smartphones. And it doesn't stop at smart phones. Products like the iPad and Android powered tablets can also be used to bet real-money at

The sportsbook created this mobile betting option to be easy to use and understand for which they've succeeded in allowing players to bet anywhere where they can connect to the web.

How Do I Contact If I Need More Help With Payouts, Deposits, ETC? customer service has several options and there are a couple of ways to reach them. First is a toll free phone number, at 1-888-843-9027. Email is another method of contact, at If you wish to talk to someone immediately on site, check out their live chat session to connect with a representative right away and get the answers you seek.

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