Check Sports Betting Payouts

Online sportsbook payouts can come in a few different forms, one of which is being paid by using checks / bank drafts. Checks are the most commonly offered method to receive a payout from an online sportsbook when you wish to withdraw from your account. Find out all about making a withdrawal from an online sportsbook when waiting for a payout check is the best option for you.

As we go, we will be detailing such things as the time it takes to receive a payout via check, the potential for fees to be associated, limitations, and other various issues for receiving the check. Check payouts from online sportsbooks are certainly an efficient way to get paid out on all of your winning bets!

Are Sportsbook Payouts With Checks Allowed For U.S. Residents?

Typically, all players including those in the United States will be able to receive a payout through a check in the mail from the sportsbook. A check can be mailed anywhere, and often times USA players might prefer this method because of the fact of other limitations for electronic payouts. As far as receiving a check as your withdrawal method for U.S. players, it’s definitely a good way to go about it.

Online Sportsbooks That Use Checks As A Payout Method

Just about every online sportsbook will have a check withdrawal option. In fact, all of our highest rated online sportsbooks that we visit, review, and play at ourselves allow players to receive a check. As we said before, it is the most commonly seen payout method at online sportsbooks. Below, read a review of one of our best online sportsbooks which accept USA players that also offer payouts through checks + bank drafts.


50% up to $1,000

BetOnline – Fastest Check Payouts

BetOnline offers the fastest check payouts from any online sportsbook that accepts US players. BetOnline will offer players check payouts in seven business days or less, which is nearly seven days sooner than other competing sportsbooks. Check by courier payouts from BetOnline can range between $500 and $2,500, with players paying a $50 fee on any withdrawal under $1,500 and a 3% on payouts over that amount.


50% up to $1,000

Fast Payouts w/ Checks, High Maximum Payouts has been one of the best and most popular online sportsbooks since it started up. Like many popular sportsbooks, offers players the chance to receive a check as a payout method. A minimum of $500 is required to withdraw and receive a check up to a maximum of $2,500. Checks will be received by players within 15-30 days with minimal fees.USA players from all 50 states are accepted. Bet on one, or several of the many betting lines that are offered. The NFL, college football, NBA, MLB, NHL, college basketball and plenty more are available!

More About Using Checks For Sports Betting Payouts

Do Sportsbooks Charge A Fee When Paying Out Through A Check?

As with most withdrawal methods from online sportsbooks, there can be fees attached when choosing a check through the mail or a courier. Keeping with our BetOnline example that we started in the above section regarding check payout limits, let’s look at what you can expect as far as a fee for getting paid out with a check.

A fee of $25 or $35 is assessed depending on how quickly you tell the sportsbook you would like to have your check. There is a 15-day, and a 30-day option. This is not universal across online sportsbooks as far as a time frame however. That’s just one example of what you could expect to be looking at.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Check From An Online Sportsbook?

This can vary depending on which sportsbook and the times that they will stipulate, but in general somewhere between one and three weeks. Obviously this is slower than some electronic payout methods, but a check in the mail is an efficient and low maintenance way to get your payout. Online sportsbooks will process your withdrawal request for a check usually within 24 hours of the request, and get your check out to you as soon as possible.

Do Checks Have Withdrawal Minimums & Maximum Limits?

Payout limits by way of a check could again be different for each online sportsbook. Often times, there are minimums and maximum withdrawal limits that are associated with the different payout methods. For example, BetOnline sportsbook, which accepts USA players, requires at least a $500 payout if you choose to receive a check. That payout also has a maximum of $2,500. These will not be identical as your navigate your way through the different online sportsbooks, but we wanted to give an actual example from an online sportsbook. Hopefully, this can give you an idea about what you can expect when requesting payout via check.

Pros And Cons Of Checks

PRO: Little To No Fees Attached… Sometimes They Are Free – Checks typically comes with little fees attached when being sent, either by way of the mail or through a courier. Check fees are among the smallest of any sportsbook payout method, which definitely makes the choice appealing.

PRO: USA Players Can Use This Method – In terms of ways that Americans can receive a payout, checks can be very good because they are one of the U.S. friendly payout options. U.S. players don’t have the full kitchen sink when it comes to payouts, but checks are one thing that they can count on.

PRO: No Bank Information Required – To receive your check payout, only your address is required which is what you submit the withdrawal request. There is no other financial information or bank routing numbers to go along with this method, making it simple.

CON: Time It Takes To Arrive- If you are looking for the fastest way to receive your sportsbook payout, a check will not be the top choice. A check can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to receive, which is considerably longer than the electronic methods that players have access too.