Fastest Sportsbook Payouts When Using Google Play

Google Pay sportsbooks offer some of the fastest payouts out of any available withdrawal methods offered. Specifically, the fastest Google Pay payouts can be found using MatchPay at Bovada. MatchPay is a Bovada-specific program that allows Google Pay (and other peer-to-peer processor users) depositors and withdrawers to essentially buy and sell their accounts from one another. All the most important information on how to get the fastest sportsbook payouts using Google Pay will be outlined below, with directions included on how to execute a Google Pay MatchPay payout.

Best Google Pay Sportsbooks

Since you are looking at using Google Pay rather than cryptocurrency, it is important to understand that you will not be using Google Pay to directly receive the payment from the online sportsbook. In order to withdraw fast with Google Pay, you will need to either receive the payment in vouchers, and then sell the vouchers, or receive your payment via MatchPay, which requires you to effectively sell your winnings in exchange for a Google Pay deposit.


50% up to $250

Top Google Pay Sportsbook

Both deposits and withdrawals can be accomplished with Google Pay at Bovada. You can use their Community Marketplace to buy and sell vouchers, which can be a method of withdrawing that uses Google Pay. You can also use Bovada’s MatchPay system for deposits, although you will be required to use MatchPay for withdrawals if you deposit via MatchPay.

How To Withdraw With MatchPay At Bovada

  1. Select “Withdraw” from the profile icon at the top of your Bovada page
  2. Choose MatchPay as your withdrawal method
  3. Log in to your MatchPay account, or create one
  4. Enter what you’d wish to sell on MatchPay
  5. MatchPay will match you with a buyer
  6. The buyer sends you the money via Google Pay if requested
  7. Take your money and go on about your day

How To Withdraw With Vouchers At Bovada

  1. Select “Withdraw” from the profile icon at the top of your Bovada page
  2. Choose Vouchers as your withdrawal method
  3. Complete the Voucher transaction
  4. You now have your balance in Vouchers
  5. Visit the Bovada Community Marketplace and make a post selling your Vouchers
  6. Make sure you note you only want payment via Google Pay
  7. Once someone purchases your Vouchers, you can receive the money via Google Pay

Google Pay As A Credit Card Intermediary

Many people use Google Pay as a method of entering their credit card information faster, and think of it as something of a digital storage method for credit cards. While this is a functional method of sportsbook deposit, it is not a good way to get your money out of a sportsbook, since credit cards are built for purchasing, not for receiving payments. If you have a debit card in your Google Pay account, you can receive payments to the bank account associated with that debit card, however.