How Much Do Online Sports Betting Payouts Cost?

Payouts at online sportsbooks aren't complicated, but there is information that is needed in order to ensure that the right choice is made by the bettor. At the top of that list would have to be the fees that come along with getting paid out the winnings from your sportsbook account. Fees will not be consistent for every payout. In fact, if you visit any legal sports betting website and there are a half-dozen payout options, there might be twice as many fees that there could be. That's because there are fees that are predicated on time, method, and amount.

It's hard to generalize fees in the sense that they are even different across all sportsbooks. With other factors that relate to payouts like time it takes to receive a withdrawal from a specific method, it's easier because they are relatively constant as where fees and charges are not. Mainly the sportsbooks that allow US residents have flat fees, some have escalator fees, and some even cover potential fees. So as you can see, there are many outcomes that can come out as a result of a payout. The generalization of fees as it goes by method are discussed below:

Do Sportsbooks Always Charge Fees For Payouts? - Free Sports Betting Withdrawal

Even the best online sports betting sites will usually have fees attached to their withdrawal options, but there are instances in which a betting site will waive those fees. Bovada Sportsbook for example gives users a free withdrawal every 30 days. This means that bettors don't ever have to pay a charge to withdraw their funds if they do so within the parameters of this. Additional withdrawal will result in $50 fees.

There are other examples of this, but when reviewing info on the fastest payouts from online sportsbooks there are going to be fees that will be detailed within the terms and conditions inside the cashier for those lucky winners looking to get paid.

Sports betting Sites That Don't Charge Much For Payouts
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Bovada Sportsbook - Review Up To 50% / $250 Check + Bank Wire: 1 per month Bet Now
BetOnline Sportsbook - Review 50% Match: $1,000 None Free - Average Cost: $50/per Bet Now
5Dimes Sportsbook - Review As Much As $520 None Free - Average Cost: $60/per Bet Now - Review 75%: $1,000 None Free - Average Cost: $50/per Bet Now
Typical Costs To Use Each Approved Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods

The charges that one can expect with each method are not concrete below because of the fact that sportsbooks will have their own policy. With that being said though, this will certainly give you a good idea as to what the amount could be, but more importantly how the fees are typically applied to each method.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Check or Paper Draft By Mail / By Courier? - The differing types of checks (Mail, Courier, and ExpressCheck) will most likely have flat fees associated with them, and will go up by the length of time it will take to receive it. The ExpressCheck takes the shortest amount of time to get to the player, and will come with a higher fee. The check through a courier and through the mail is pretty similar in terms of time, but the courier check is often associated with a slightly higher fee. For example at BetOnline sportsbook and SportsBetting, the courier fee is $35 while the check through the mail is $25.

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What Are The Fees For Sportsbook Wire Transfers? - We mentioned the term 'escalator fee' in the introduction as a type of fee to be aware of. A wire transfer fee is just that. An escalator fee is a type of fee that goes up with a certain variable. With wire transfers, that variable is the withdrawal amount. Wire transfer payouts are broken up into three levels of payouts from the minimum amount to the maximum amount. That means there are three different fees that come along with a set dollar amount, all of which will be listed accordingly on the sports betting site.

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How Much Does It Cost To Send Money Directly To My Bank Account? - Like a wire transfer, a bank wire also resides with an escalator fee. These fees are similar in the amount of the wire transfer, but the big difference is that bank wire payouts are significantly higher. That means in comparison, a bank wire fee is much less significant in terms of the percentage that the fee relates to the overall payout amount. In most cases, this is a reward for players who bet and win thousands of dollars.

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What Will It Cost To Refund My Bank + Debit Card? - The less that is withdrawn with the DCFA, the lower the fee; the higher the amount, the higher the payout fee. Like a wire transfer or bank wire, this is an escalator fee as well. With payouts starting as little as $100 and going all the way up to $2,500, there is a greater disparity than with a wire transfer amount.

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