Fastest Venmo Sportsbook Payouts

The fastest payouts from online sportsbooks with Venmo can be found at Bovada. Bovada offers fast Venmo payouts through their site-exclusive MatchPay processor, which matches players looking to withdraw with Venmo and deposit with the popular peer to peer app. MatchPay is one of the few sportsbook payouts for Venmo players, as many other sites either offer slow Venmo payouts or don’t offer them at all. More instructions on how to request a payout with Venmo at sports betting sites can be found on this page, with specific directions on how to receive the fastest Venmo sportsbook payout possible.

Top Online Betting Sites For Quick Venmo Payouts

There are some other great features on online sportsbooks aside from being able to quickly get paid out your winnings on Venmo. That includes bonuses, accessible platforms from anywhere, simple to use platforms, and overall great betting odds. All of that is a plus to the main feature being fast payouts when using Venmo.


50% up to $250

Get Paid Out Via Venmo

For over a decade, Bovada has been tagged as the best online sportsbook that you can use, and for many reasons. New users that are just signing up for an account can enjoy their 50% first deposit match bonus that’ll earn you up to $250 in risk-free credits. Other than that, they offer an incredible mobile betting platform as well that allows you to make bets and withdraw your winnings quickly from anywhere you may be and is also as easy to use as it would be on any computer or laptop.

Venmo Payout Rules And Regulations

While requesting a withdrawal to your Venmo account is easy and one of the quickest processes that they have, you will need to follow the rules and regulations that come with it. Those include paying certain withdrawal fees if they apply, adhering to the processing times of the transaction, and making sure you are requesting within the limits that they ask of you.

Venmo Withdrawal Fees

Fortunately, there are no fees associated when requesting a sportsbook withdrawal for Venmo users. It is worth noting though that this only applies if you are making one withdrawal every 90 days. If you decide that you need to make a withdrawal within the 90-day period, you’ll be required to pay a $100 flat rate fee.

Processing Time For Venmo Payouts

Getting paid out on Venmo is in fact one of the quickest processes that you’ll find on their site. From the moment you request a withdrawal to the moment you get your funds credited back to you takes up to just 15 minutes. Now, it is worth noting that you only get to Venmo withdrawal requests per calendar day.

Venmo Payout Limits

The limits for withdrawing with Venmo include both the minimum and maximum dollar amounts that you are allowed to request at a time. They cater to both the everyday bettor that is looking to withdraw as little as $20 and even to those betting sharps who want to request up to $1,000.

Other Online Sportsbooks With Venmo Payouts

While Bovada is the only online betting site that lets you withdraw using their MatchPay services, other online betting sites let you request a withdrawal with Venmo using their crypto wallet. Both of these sites let you withdraw with crypto if you made your initial deposit with crypto. Taking it even a step further, if you were to use Venmo to request a crypto withdrawal, you won’t have to worry about paying any fee at all as there are absolutely none associated with crypto transactions at all.

Mobile Venmo Payouts

Being that Venmo is primarily used on your phone and other smart devices with internet access, you are able to simply link your Venmo account with your online betting account all from the palm of your hand and request a withdrawal in seconds on the go. As long as you have the Venmo app downloaded and your betting account open and linked, it can be done in minutes. Some of the mobile devices that you can use to request a Venmo withdrawal are:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Google Pixel
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • iPad
  • LG Wing

Are Venmo Payouts On Online Sportsbooks Safe?

Absolutely, not only are the betting sites that let you withdraw in Venmo safe, but Venmo itself is considered one of the safest person to person apps that you can use. On the online sportsbooks side of things, they use several back end encryptions to ensure not just the safety of their servers, but also that of your web browser and all of your information. Venmo also has encryptions in place meaning that all of your withdrawals are strongly protected.