Bitcoin Cash Sportsbook Payouts

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the fastest payout methods at nearly all online sportsbooks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. BCH withdrawals never have any fees at all of the best sports betting sites, but do not sacrifice speed in the process. Bitcoin Cash payouts are as fast as they are because they do not go through any banks and because the Bitcoin Cash network is open and does not necessitate any government approvals.

Bitcoin Cash Payout Speeds For The Top Online Sportsbooks

The best online sportsbook payout speeds for Bitcoin Cash vary by top sportsbook, but they all are completed within 48 hours at the maximum with no fees. Ranked from fastest to slowest, the best sportsbooks to withdraw from using Bitcoin Cash are:

  1. Bovada: One-hour payouts of $10 or more with no maximum withdrawal
  2. BetOnline: 48-hour payouts between $20-$100,000
  3. SportsBetting: 48-payouts between $20 and $100,000

Best Bitcoin Cash Sportsbooks

Bitcoin Cash is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, making the online gambling community somewhat over-saturated in terms of sportsbooks that payout in BCH. Down below, some of the fastest sportsbooks available and some of their key features are outlined.


50% up to $250

Fastest Sportsbook At Processing Bitcoin Cash Payouts

The sportsbook with the fastest Bitcoin Cash payouts is Bovada. Players at Bovada receive their BCH payouts in one hour at the longest, with most payouts arriving even sooner than that. On top of the Bitcoin Cash payout speed, players at Bovada benefit from the most trusted, well-rounded, and well-liked sportsbook on the internet. All those benefits coupled with the fastest withdrawal speeds make Bovada the best sportsbook for Bitcoin Cash users.


50% up to $1,000

Withdraw $100,000 With Bitcoin Cash At Once

BetOnline is the premier sportsbook for players looking for a large one-time payout via Bitcoin Cash, as players can receive up to $100,000 at once. Those single transaction payouts are the largest available in the online sports betting industry, with players receiving those large sums in 48 hours or less. Players have plenty of options on how to bet with Bitcoin Cash on the sportsbook's website, with BetOnline offering more betting odds than any other sportsbook.


50% up to $1,000

Best Sign-Up Bonuses With Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash payouts at SportsBetting allow players to receive their winnings in under 48 hours every time, with the vast majority of BCH payouts received within one hour. Players have had plenty of time to put the payout speeds of Bitcoin Cash withdrawals to the test at SportsBetting, as the legendary sportsbook was the first betting site to payout with BCH. Bitcoin Cash was only created in 2017, but with SportsBetting having a history that dates back to the 1990s, players know to trust SportsBetting for fast BCH payouts.

How To Request A Bitcoin Cash Payout

The majority of the top sportsbook available online offer Bitcoin Cash payouts, all of which can generally be completed in a few key steps relatively quickly. It is assumed before completing these steps that players have signed up for a Bitcoin Cash wallet or cryptocurrency exchange account and have cleared their rollover requirement from any deposit bonuses that may have been accepted. If those steps have not been completed, then sections below this outline on how to complete each necessary element for a Bitcoin Cash payout are available.  The steps to complete a Bitcoin Cash payout are:

  1. Copy the receiving address from your cryptocurrency exchange or crypto wallet. That address may look like a URL depending on the exchange/wallet.
  2. Toggle through your sportsbooks’ withdrawal section and select Bitcoin Cash and input the desired payout amount.
  3. Paste the receiving address where the sportsbook indicates to and send the funds. Some sportsbooks may require identification or some sort of account verification, which is not abnormal.

Popular Bitcoin Cash Wallets

To secure the fastest possible payouts from online sportsbooks, players must have a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the sportsbooks' fast payout speeds. The most popular Bitcoin Cash-supported cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges that sportsbooks can send withdrawal payments to:

  • Bitpay
  • CashAddress
  • Coinbase
  • Exodus
  • Melis
  • Satochip
  • StrongCoin
  • Trezor
  • ViaWallet

Depositing With Bitcoin Cash

Top online sportsbooks often require users to use the same method to withdraw that do when they deposit, meaning Bitcoin Cash deposits and their fast-funding speeds are also important to know for players looking to use BCH. The deposit speeds and limits for Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks can be found below, similar to BCH payouts there are no fees. Also included is the maximum deposit bonus for each sportsbook and the rollover requirement for it.

Sportsbook Max Time Range Max Bonus Rollover
Bovada 1 Hour $10-$5,000 $750 5X
BetOnline 2 Hours $20-$100,000 $1,000 10X
SportsBetting 2 Hours $20-$100,000 $1,000 10X

Should I Take A Bitcoin Cash Deposit Bonus If I Want A Fast Payout?

For players looking to withdraw as quickly as possible after depositing, it is advisable to decline all deposit bonuses that come with a rollover. Rollovers mandate the number of times that the entire bankroll must be bet through before withdrawal is available. Because rollovers effectively disclose how many times players must risk their funds to withdraw their deposit and the winnings from the deposit bonus, it is only advisable to accept them if either the rollover is low or you plan on staying at a given sportsbook for a long period. Bonuses are a great way for long-term players to grow a bankroll, but fast sportsbook payouts, they are more of a hurdle than anything else.