Fastest UFC Sportsbook Payouts

UFC sportsbooks with the fastest payouts accept and payout players from all around the United States. Whether it is after a title fight or on a lower-level prelim, players should know where and how to receive the fastest sportsbook payouts after betting on the UFC. That is how this page can help, with specific sections on UFC mobile payouts, live betting on the UFC, and how to withdraw from UFC sportsbooks. Players looking for the fastest sportsbook payouts for UFC bettors should read the sections below.

Where To Legally Bet On UFC Action

The Internet is full of sites that will gladly take your money on any MMA fight you wish, but the trick is finding a site that will pay you when you win. The sorry reality is that most online gambling sites are scams. But don’t let that scare you off from the concept altogether, as there are sites on the other side of that coin that have earned their reputations as the best in the business. Sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, BetDSI, 5Dimes, and BookMaker have more than 100 years of experience between them, and these industry leaders always make their customers a priority.

If you’re looking for where to legally bet on UFC action, look no further, and sign up today at one – or all – of the above esteemed sportsbooks. They’ve got action on every UFC matchup, and you can wager on pretty much any other sport that you want, as well.

Best Payout Sportsbooks

5% up to $250
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $300
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating

Basic UFC Bet Types

In the UFC – and in MMA in general – there aren’t all that many bet types for gamblers to choose from. With most sports (particularly team-based sports like baseball or football), bookmakers will typically have dozens of individual lines and props for every single matchup. However, due to the nature of mixed martial arts and the fact that there simply aren’t that many possible outcomes to a fight, the basic UFC bet types are fairly straightforward and limited. Yes, the bigger marquee PPV fights might have some prop bets to choose from (like which round the fight will end in or what the method of victory will be), but for the most part, you’re just picking the winner here. These wagers are all presented in the straight moneyline format, where the favorite will have a negative moneyline and the underdog will have a positive moneyline.

Briefly, here’s how moneylines work: Let’s say Fighter 1 has -330 odds to win, while Fighter 2 has +450 odds to win. This means that Fighter 1 is the heavy favorite, and you would have to wager $330 to win $100 if you pick him or her. Conversely, Fighter 2 is a big underdog with a great payout, as a $100 bet would yield $450 in winnings. (These are not minimum wager amounts, by the way. The moneyline merely represents the ratio of risk to reward for a given wager, and most sportsbooks will take bets of less than a single dollar.)

Best Deposit Methods For UFC Betting Sites

The best deposit methods for legal UFC betting sites will depend on your personal needs, but the vast majority of MMA bettors use credit or debit cards to fund their accounts. These transactions are instantaneous, carry minimal fees, and allow you to wager right away. Cryptocurrencies are similarly fast, and they have the benefit of carrying even smaller fees. However, since most folks still aren’t using Bitcoin (or altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, Ehtereum, Litecoin, or DASH), credit/debit is still king.

Other payment avenues include bank wires, money orders, cashier’s checks, and person-to-person options like MoneyGram and Western Union. However, each of these costs quite a bit more to use, and such transfers can take up to two weeks to clear.

Fastest Payout Options For UFC Betting Sites

The fastest payout options for UFC betting sites are always going to be cryptocurrencies. All major legal online sportsbooks work with Bitcoin, and they each also accept various altcoins (Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.). By requesting your payouts via crypto, you can have your money in-hand on the same day you make your claim.

For those not on the Bitcoin bandwagon just yet, most books also offer a variety of more traditional cash transfer options. You can choose to be mailed a courier check, you can elect to employ a bank wire transfer, and you can use money orders or P2P options like Western Union and MoneyGram. However, as with deposits, receiving your legal UFC betting payouts via these means tends to take up to 10 or so days, so always plan accordingly!

Live UFC Betting

While live betting, aka in-game betting, is all the rage in most popular sports, live UFC betting is less interesting, again due to the nature of the sport itself. Without much downtime to publish new, dynamic, in-game odds, combat sports don’t lend themselves as well to live betting as other sports do. For the larger fights and big events, some sportsbooks will have updated odds posted after each round of action, but that’s about it.

For the most part, when you wager on the UFC, you’ll want to make sure to get your bets in before a given contest gets underway, because there simply won’t be many opportunities during the fight itself to make up ground if you don’t.

Mobile UFC Betting

Mobile UFC betting is available to all members of the above online sportsbooks as a free perk of membership. However, you won’t find any Bovada or SportsBetting apps on the Apple App Store or in Google’s Google Play store, as these companies don’t allow real-money gambling apps in their US marketplaces. However, if you have an iPhone, Android device, or other tablet or smartphone, all you need is a membership at a top sportsbook and an Internet connection to get all the mobile wagering you can handle.

With streamlined interfaces and easy-to-browse betting boards optimized for the small screen, mobile betting is a welcome addition to any gambler’s or sports bettor’s repertoire. Just visit the book of your choice on your mobile device, and enjoy legal UFC betting on the go, from anywhere in America!