MasterCard Sportsbook Payouts

Mastercard payouts at online sportsbooks are not an option for many players in the United States, as top sports betting sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting simply do not offer payouts back onto credit cards. The fastest Mastercard payouts are available through alternative payout methods like checks, money orders, and wire transfers. Each of those payout methods have proven track records of offering fast payouts for Mastercard users, with users typically receiving funds in seven business days or less. For the fastest payouts, Mastercard players may also want to consider a switch to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. All of the most important information about the fastest payouts at Mastercard sportsbooks can be found on this page.

Why You Can’t Withdraw To A MasterCard

You cannot withdraw to a MasterCard because, as credit cards, they do not have a withdrawal functionality. Debit cards can receive payouts in the form of money orders and wire transfers to the bank account that is associated with the card, but credit cards simply need you to pay them off every month, which is doable via online sportsbook payments, but only if you receive them via one method and then use the money to pay off the credit card.

Sportsbook Payout Options If You Deposited With MasterCard

Luckily, there are plenty of options you can use to withdraw if you deposited with a MasterCard, whether that be a credit or debit card. If you deposited with a credit card, you can use these methods to get money and pay off the card, while if you deposited with a debit card, you can use these methods to send money straight to the card’s bank account.

  • Checks: You can receive checks in the mail from most sportsbooks. These can take the form of both cashier’s checks and checks by courier. This option is often the slowest, as it requires actually waiting for mail to reach you.
  • Money Orders: Money orders are a fairly fast option as far as traditional finance goes, and they can get you the money you withdraw within a week at most online sportsbooks. You can then use the money to pay off the MasterCard you used to deposit.
  • Wire Transfers: Wire transfers are a bit slower than money orders, but they can handle larger amounts of money at most sportsbooks. This means they’re a great option for bettors who want to take large amounts of money out of their sportsbook account.
  • Cryptocurrency: Crypto can be used at many online sportsbooks, but you cannot withdraw in crypto if you did not deposit in crypto. This means that you’ll be looking at using one of the other options here if you deposited via MasterCard.

Best MasterCard Sportsbooks

Since there are no payouts with MasterCard, the best MasterCard sportsbooks are simply the ones that offer the best payout methods overall, and still accept Mastercard as a deposit method.


50% up to $250

Great Online Sportsbook With Lots of Payout Options

Bovada accepts MasterCard as a deposit method, which means you can easily qualify for Bovada's first tier of bonuses with it, including a $250 deposit bonus with 5x rollover. You can’t directly withdraw to a MasterCard with Bovada, but you can withdraw via Wire Transfers and checks, both of which are perfectly reasonable withdrawal options. Bovada is excellent at processing payments, with a well-earned good reputation in the online sportsbook sector.

MasterCard Vs. Other Credit Cards

MasterCard and VISA are roughly equivalent in terms of what you can expect when depositing and withdrawing at online sportsbooks. Payouts are going to be limited unless they’re debit cards, and credit cards cannot receive payments from anyone, let alone from online sportsbooks. MasterCard is accepted at more online sportsbooks than American Express, something AmEx users should be familiar with.

MasterCard Vs. Crypto

One comparison in which MasterCard falls short is against crypto, which is easier to use. In addition, crypto payouts are faster than any kind of traditional finance payout, as well as cheaper, since they have no fees applied. Finally, you can use crypto to both deposit and withdraw, which MasterCard cannot do at many online sportsbooks.