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Bovada Sportsbook

For well over a decade, Bovada Sportsbook has been right at the top of the list when it comes to a quality sportsbook which offers great betting lines and services to their players. Bovada has developed a reputation that makes them one of the most trusted online sportsbooks in the industry. And with online sports betting becoming increasingly popular in this day and age, players need a sportsbook that they can feel confident in playing.

There are a couple of key facets of sportsbooks which separates the good ones from the bad ones. Here on this page, we go into some detail about Bovada and the key aspects that make it one of the best around. Check out this review and see if Bovada looks like the sportsbook for you.

How Long Do Bovada Sportsbook Payouts Take?

Payouts from Bovada can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the method that the user chooses. On the shorter end of the spectrum are wire transfers like Western Union + MoneyGram which have the capability of paying players within hours of requesting payout, but take no longer than 48 hours to complete. On the opposite end, waiting for a check to arrive would be the longest, usually 2 to 3 weeks.

Want to know more? Keep reading and we’ll break it all down for you on this page, plus maybe some things you might have over-looked such as withdrawal limits and processing fees. Or, go to Bovada and start betting right now… whatever you want!

Bovada Sportsbook Payouts

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook is a foremost leader in the online sports betting industry, particularly when it comes to providing some of the fastest payouts found amongst its chief competitors. In a current state where American players have fewer options than others around the world when it comes to getting paid, Bovada has a few methods that can provide payment from sports betting accounts in as little as 24 hours.

But, different payout methods come with varying limits and frequencies attached.The following guide to Bovada Sportsbook withdrawals will educate you on exactly how the particular payout methods work, plus let you know how long it’s going to take, and what fees are likely to be charged.

All Bovada payout methods are intended for those living in the U.S. That makes sense because Bovada was created specifically with the American players in mind. All of the payout options below are approved for those living in the states where residents are allowed to wager in the sportsbook.

Bovada Payout Methods Overview

Withdrawal Method: Withdrawal Minimum: Withdrawal Maximum: Payout Frequency Limit: Time To Withdraw: Daily Maximum: Fees:
Bitcoin $10 No Limit 1 Per 3 Days 24 Hours Unlimited 0%
Bitcoin Cash $10 No Limit 1 Per 3 Days 1 Hour Unlimited 0%
Litecoin $10 No Limit 1 Per 3 Days 1 Hour Unlimited 0%
Ethereum $10 No Limit 1 Per 3 Days 15 minutes Unlimited 0%
Player Transfer $10 $15,000 Up to 15 minutes $15,000 Unlimited 1/90 days free, extra $100
MatchPay $20 $1,000 2 per calendar day Up to 15 Minutes Unlimited 1/90 days free, extra $100
Voucher $10 $3,000 No Limit 2 Business Days $5,000.00 0%
Check by Courier $100 $3,000 1 Per 7 Days 10-15 Business Days 1/90 days free, extra $100

Bitcoin + Other Crypto

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has become widely accepted by online sportsbooks, including Bovada. There are several advantages to bitcoin payouts, but it is important to note that you can only access bitcoin payouts at Bovada if you deposit in bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Still, the fact that they are instant payments with enormous withdrawal limits makes bitcoin withdrawals the best option at Bovada.

Other Cryptocurrencies

Bovada also has accepted various other options for cryptocurrency withdrawals, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. For a while, they even offered withdrawals in Bitcoin SV – Satoshi Vision – another fork of the original Bitcoin. Each of these options will be faster than any non-crypto option when it comes to withdrawals at Bovada.

Western Union a.k.a. Rapid Transfer

The Western Union ‘Rapid Transfer’ option is offered only to those players who chose to use this method as means to make a deposit into their Bovada account. There are a few things that players should be aware of when it comes to receiving a Western Union transfer payout.

The first is that there is a minimum payout of $100 for this method, with payouts not to exceed $800 per transaction.

Various fees accompany a Western Union payout from Bovada, and it depends on how much a player is withdrawing at one time. A $100-$200 withdrawal is set with a $20 fee. The fees continue to go up, with $201-$400 set with a $30 fee, $401-$600 a $45 fee, and finally, $601-$800 with a $60 fee.

Receiving a payout from Bovada through Western Union is the fastest payout option available to U.S. players, usually taking under 2 days to complete, however users have received their wire transfer sportsbook payouts in as little as a few hours.

MoneyGram a.k.a. Money Transfer

For the MoneyGram transfer, the timeframe is equal to that of the Western Union transfer (less than 48 hours, usually sooner), but there are some different payout limits and fees that go along with using Bovada’s “Money Transfer” option.

As for the limits, the minimum amount is still the same ($100), but the maximum is much higher than its wire transfer counterpart as users are able to withdrawal as much as $2,000 at a time.

MoneyGram payouts through Bovada also tend to carry a little bit higher fees that can range from $40 for the minimum withdrawal amount, and can go all the way up to $150 for a maximum payout of $2,000.

Bank Wire – Wire Directly To Bank Account

A bank wire option is the best choice for the big players at Bovada thanks to the high maximum payout limits set. A bank wire is essentially a wire transfer, though the process takes longer because it is not individually processed. Instead, the bank processes these types of bank wires in batch form, which can take anywhere from 7-12 business days.

This option is not for anyone as a minimum payout of $2,500 is required, beyond what most users carry in their personal accounts. On the flip side of that, Bovada’s bank wire payouts can go all the way up to $7,500 which is by far the most money you can get out of Bovada in a single swoop.

Besides needing to set this method up with the cashier, there will be a $50 fee tacked on to the transaction for using a bank wire for payouts. Additionally, Bovada Sportsbook states that users are only able to request one bank wire payment per calendar month… plan your payouts wisely!

Checks + Bank Drafts

A courier check is one of the most common payout options for players at Bovada however it is also one of the slowest despite being delivered via FedEx, UPS or DHL. This method is also one of the ways that Bovada prefers to process their payouts as indicated by the one free payment check issued to users every month. If you do need more than one check, you can still get one but it’s going to cost a nominal fee – usually less than $30.

To begin the process of receiving a online sportsbook payout with a check, account holders will submit a request to the cashier about their intent to make a withdrawal, citing the courier check method as their payout type. The time is takes to receive a check will vary depending on the location of the account holder, but generally speaking it takes no more than 10 business days for players to get paid.

When requesting a check, the minimum amount that can be paid is a meager $20 which is very friendly considering the lower limit of some of the other payout methods. Conversely, users may receive up to a maximum of $3,000 for each check.

Bovada Payment Options Total Time Of Transaction Min. Payout Max Payout Fees
Western Union Under 48 Hours; As Short As 6 Hours $100 $800 $20 – $60
MoneyGram Under 48 Hours; As Short As 6 Hours $100 $2,000 $40 – $150
Bank Wire 5 – 10 Business Days $2,500 $7,500 Free*
Check By Mail 10 – 20 Business Days $20 $3,000 Free*

More Info About Bovada Sportsbook

Getting paid is great, but if a sportsbook doesn’t have what you want to bet on, have you really accomplished anything? Not really and that is the reason why you need to know about all the other details related to using Bovada.

Below, we’re going to cover several important areas that may or may not concern you. These are things to be aware of like making deposits, who is accepted, and what can be wagered on. Plus, if you should ever need to contact Bovada directly, you will be able to get all the information needed for that as well. No guide to Bovada Sportsbook payments would be complete without these details.

Is Bovada Open To American Players?

Bovada encourages players from the United States to bet at their site, that specifically caters to U.S. bettors by providing betting lines for almost all of the professional and collegiate leagues in the U.S. plus a lot of sports from around the globe. Bovada operates in Costa Rica, and is not subject to the bans in place for online sports betting in the United States, Bovada is a safe and legal option to place wagers on for U.S players.

Note: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada Residents Not Accepted at Bovada. Try or BetOnline as they accept all 50 states.

How Do I Make Deposits Into Bovada Sportsbook?

Depositing into Bovada is made quick and easy with their several options available. Major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted at Bovada. These can also be used in prepaid card forms. however, those players from the United States can sometimes run into some problems with those banks not accepting transactions for online gambling websites. There are other options as well though, including money transfers through retail outlets as a form of an electronic payment medium, as well as rapid transfer.

What Deposit Bonuses Are Offered At Bovada?

Bonuses are a very important part of what makes a good sportsbook. They are the first incentive that brings prospective players to a sportsbook. Bovada offers a great first deposit bonus, with players getting a 50 percent bonus up to $250. Not only that though, throughout the course of the year Bovada can offer special bonuses and things like that for their players depending on what sports are in season.

What Does Bovada Have To Bet On?

Bovada has a ton of great sports betting lines that they offer. Bet on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football & basketball, NHL, Golf, NASCAR, and plenty more.

They have many types of bets that can be made as well. Plenty of straight bets such as betting the spread, moneyline, game totals, futures, and props can be made.

But, then Bovada also has wagers like betting a parlay and linking wagers, same as with an if-bet. Or players can have fun and adjust the spread for different payouts with a teaser or a pleaser.

How Do I Contact Bovada If I Need More Help With Payouts, Deposits, ETC?

Bovada has a couple of outlets in which prospective and current players can reach them. They have a general support toll free number at 1-888-263-0000. You can also send them a message through their online contact form, in which players can fill out the topic and send a message to a rep. All live assistance options are available 24/7.

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