American Express Sportsbook Payouts

American Express payouts are almost never offered by online sportsbooks. Payouts to nearly all credit card brands are rarely offered, simply because of outdated laws that limit online sportsbooks. This page will explain the best alternatives to AmEx payouts, highlighting similar options like wire transfers and checks, and the fastest sportsbook payouts overall like cryptocurrencies. This page will also include reviews of the best sportsbooks for AmEx cards.

Can I Request An American Express Sportsbook Payout?

American Express sportsbooks do not offer credit card payouts. Payouts for AmEx users are instead available in multiple different forms like checks, money orders, or cryptocurrency. The inability to request payouts for American Express at sports betting sites can largely be traced back to the Wire Act, which limited banking institutions from interacting with sportsbooks. As such, players should pivot to more common options, because no sportsbook will offer American Express payouts.

What Are The Best Sportsbook Payouts After An AmEx Deposit?

Check: checks can be used to withdraw from sportsbooks like Bovada and MyBookie, and they allow you to receive a check by courier with your entire balance on it. You can receive one of these checks free in specific time periods, but you will be forced to pay a fee if you go over the withdrawal time limits.

Money Order: Money orders are a solid withdrawal method at online sportsbooks after an AmEx deposit. You can get plenty of money out of a sportsbook with a money order, but it is going to have lower withdrawal maximums than a Wire Transfer.

Wire Transfer: Likely the best way to get money out of a sportsbook and into a bank account without using cryptocurrency, wire transfers have high withdrawal maximums and low withdrawal minimums.

Cryptocurrency: Crypto withdrawals are unavailable when you deposit with AmEx, but you can easily access them when you deposit with crypto. The benefits – no fee withdrawals, for one – are significant, and they are often a good reason to switch from AmEx to cryptocurrency usage when using online sportsbooks.

Best AmEx Sportsbooks

AmEx is not accepted at every sportsbook, which anyone who uses an AmEx should be familiar with. AmEx is a card based around rewards points, so it’s important to find sportsbooks that do accept AmEx. There are several of them in the international sportsbook arena, and all of them come highly regarded.


50% up to $250

One of the Best Sportsbooks Accepting Amex

Bovada is the top sportsbook that accepts AmEx, and as far as AmEx withdrawals, they offer checks that can go to your bank account and this means you can use them to pay off your AmEx credit card. You can also open an AmEx debit card and receive rewards points as well as checks aimed directly to your bank account.


50% up to $1,000

Deposit with Amex and Withdrawal via Wire or Money Orders

BetOnline offers a bunch of different ways to withdraw, but the top withdrawal methods for people using AmEx are money orders and wire transfers. Wire transfers are generally more applicable, with higher withdrawal maximums and reasonable withdrawal minimums, but if you’re moving money in amounts below $4,000, you’ll be good to go with BetOnline no matter which method you choose.


50% up to $1,000

A Top Rated USA Sportsbook

SportsBetting is a sister sportsbook to BetOnline, which means it offers the same benefits and drawbacks for AmEx users. You can deposit with AmEx at SportsBetting, but you cannot directly withdraw to it unless you’re dealing with an AmEx debit card, and the associated bank account. You can get payouts in the form of money orders and wire transfers at SportsBetting.

AmEx Vs. Other Credit Cards

Many AmEx users will already be familiar with the idea that some companies accept other credit cards without accepting American Express. This is true even in the realm of international sportsbooks. MyBookie and XBet do not accept American Express, but do accept VISA and MasterCard, for example.

AmEx Vs. Crypto

Cryptocurrency is the best way to deposit and withdraw at online sportsbooks, and it has numerous advantages over American Express as a method of deposit and as a method of withdrawal. As a deposit method, you get bigger bonuses at the vast majority of sportsbooks when you use cryptocurrency. As a withdrawal method, you have nearly unlimited withdrawal maximums and a complete lack of fees for crypto, which is not true for any other method of withdrawal.