Fastest Sportsbook Payouts When Using Samsung Pay

Sportsbook payouts with Samsung Pay can be achieved at few sports betting sites, although players got lucky with the top overall sportsbook in the United States paying out fast with Samsung Pay. Bovada, through its site-exclusive MatchPay program, offers the fastest sportsbook payouts when using Samsung Pay. Players get matched up with other Samsung Pay users, with depositors effectively buying Bovada credit from players that are looking to payout with Samsung Pay. Those MatchPay transactions make Bovada the fastest sportsbook for Samsung Pay payouts, with this page covering all the information necessary to complete a Samsung Pay withdrawal.

Top Sportsbooks For Samsung Pay

The top sportsbooks for fast Samsung Pay payouts are available internationally. These sportsbooks are the best in the business for a bunch of different deposit and payout methods, and Samsung Pay is just one of many methods that are best served at these sportsbooks.


50% up to $250

Fastest Samsung Pay Sportsbook Payouts

Bovada is the best sportsbook that offers fast payouts when using Samsung Pay not only because the speed, but because no one else pays out using Samsung Pay! MatchPay Samsung Pay payouts at Bovada are completed within minutes, with players easily able to collect their winnings. Other important Samsung Pay withdrawal information at Bovada to know is that payouts are free and that the can be anywhere in the range of $10 to $15,000.

Samsung Pay And MatchPay

MatchPay is Bovada’s method for introducing some security-by-obscurity into their deposit and payout methods. You can use Samsung Pay to purchase a deposit onto Bovada, and you can similarly use Samsung Pay to purchase a withdrawal from Bovada. Here’s how:

Withdrawing From Bovada With MatchPay

  1. Start the withdrawal process
  2. Select MatchPay as your option
  3. You will be taken to MatchPay
  4. Select your Samsung Pay wallet as the destination for your funds
  5. Finish your withdrawal on MatchPay.

Samsung Pay And Vouchers

Vouchers can be bought and sold on the Bovada community marketplace. You can conduct these transactions with Samsung Pay. When you do this, you are effectively adding an extra step into your withdrawal process – you will withdraw via a voucher, and then sell that voucher, with the proceeds going into your Samsung Pay wallet.

Withdrawing From Bovada Via Vouchers

  1. Start the withdrawal process
  2. Select Vouchers as your withdrawal method
  3. Withdraw your vouchers
  4. Visit the Bovada Community Marketplace
  5. List your vouchers for sale with Samsung Pay as the preferred payment method
  6. Wait for someone to buy your vouchers
  7. Sell your vouchers at the agreed upon price, with the proceeds going to your Samsung Pay wallet.

Samsung Pay Vs. Crypto

Samsung Pay is an overall inferior withdrawal method to simply using cryptocurrency. You’ll pay more fees with Samsung Pay, and be eligible for less bonuses. This is a significant downside, especially since using MatchPay means you’re eligible for absolutely zero bonuses at Bovada, while using crypto not only gives you the best bonuses, but upgrades you to a premium account. In our opinion, you’ll want to give crypto a shot if you want faster and cheaper payouts at online sportsbooks.