Identity Verification And Online Sportsbook Payouts

Many of the fastest sportsbook payouts have players complete a few identity verification steps before any payouts are complete. Identity verification steps at online sportsbooks slow down payouts slightly but are likely a worthwhile delay considering the safety increase that identity verification provides. This page will outline some of the most common identity verification steps that must be completed at online sportsbooks and how to get the fastest payouts after completing each identification verification step.

Why Do Sportsbooks Verify Identities?

No matter where the sportsbook you’re using is located, they have to follow a set of rules and regulations. This applies just as easily to state-regulated sportsbooks as it does to overseas and international sportsbooks. Generally, there are a few factors that they will specifically be looking at.

  • Age – Sportsbooks want to know that you are over the required age of majority by their jurisdiction. In many US states, this is 21, although international sportsbooks take players at 18.
  • ID Theft Possibility: If the sportsbook can verify your identity, this makes it harder for people to steal your identity and your money.
  • Banking: The sportsbook needs to know whether the bank account associated with your withdrawals are actually yours.
  • Location: Location verification helps the sportsbook make sure they’re sending payments to the right place if you receive checks in the mail.

How Do Sportsbooks Verify Identities?

Most online sportsbooks use e-verification systems that require you to fill out a form when you sign up with the sportsbook. This needs to be completed before you can receive payments from the sportsbook. This form will ask for information from you, and then compare it to public records to verify your identity.

Important: In order to get your fast sportsbook payout, verify your identity immediately after sign up. This way, the only step between you getting your sportsbook winnings is requesting a payout rather than starting the process.

Information You Will Give On Your Form

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Residential Address
  4. Date of Birth

You may also be required to undergo manual verification, which consists of sending in something that proves who you are in some manner. For example, you can send in proof-of-residence in the form of bills addressed to you at that residence. You can send in proof of your SSN by sending a copy of your SSN card. You can send in DOB proof with a driver’s license or other national ID.