Fastest Solana Sportsbook Payouts

Solana coins (SOL) represent one of the fastest payout methods available from online sportsbooks because of the transaction speed that Solana’s hybrid proof-of-history and proof-of-stake mechanisms combine to produce. Taking advantage of those high speeds provides players with some of the fastest payouts in the online sports betting business. To get the fastest payouts from sports betting sites using Solana, players need to know the best sportsbooks that payout with the popular crypto, how to withdraw from those sites, and the best practices that guarantee fast SOL payouts.

Fastest Payouts Using SOL

Many top online sportsbooks payout players use Solana quickly, but the option is not available at each site. That is not an issue, as players simply withdraw with a different cryptocurrency into their crypto exchange and sell that for Solana. That additional step may seem like a hassle, but players that are willing to do so open themselves up to more sports betting sites, and in turn, even faster payout speeds. SOL is often one of the fastest payout methods available at sportsbooks, but it may not be the fastest. The fastest payouts available from some of the top online sportsbooks are listed below, as are other cryptocurrency alternatives that may provide faster payouts:

  1. Bovada:  The top online sportsbooks available, Bovada pays players out in 15 minutes or less when they withdraw using Ethereum or Tether tokens. Payouts in 15 minutes or less mean that players can take five minutes to sell either their ETH or USDT for Solana, and receive SOL before any other sportsbook pays out. Players can withdraw $50 or more using either method, with no maximum. Payouts over $9,500 will result in weekly payouts of $9,500 until Bovada has fully paid out all funds.
  2. BetOnline: Offering the largest Solana payouts available, players can withdraw between $20 and $100,000 from BetOnline in 48 hours or less. That speed is elite, but it may be wise for players to also consider using Bitcoin. Bitcoin has the same withdrawal speed and maximum as Solana, but it is the only cryptocurrency that the site allows players to deposit up to $500,000.
  3. SportsBetting: The fastest payout method at SportsBetting is Solana, which pays out in under 48 hours. SportsBetting allows players to withdraw between $20 and $100,000 when using Solana.

Best Sportsbooks To Use Solana

Many sportsbooks payout using Solana, and even more payout in some form of cryptocurrency that can be sold for SOL once in players’ crypto exchange. Not each sportsbook is trustworthy or even good at offering fair odds, making finding the right sportsbook a necessity. The sportsbooks below have proven to payout customers, offer fair odds, and none of them charge fees on any cryptocurrency payouts (including Solana)!


50% up to $250

Best Online Sportsbook Available

Established in 2011, Bovada has provided the fastest sportsbook payouts in the industry ever since.  At Bovada players can expect accurate, timely, and large payouts every time that they wish to withdraw. Bovada allows players to withdraw one every three days when using any cryptocurrency and does not enforce a maximum payout, making it an excellent site for high roller sports bettors.


50% up to $1,000

Use Solana At Their Sportsbook, Casino, and Racebook

BetOnline is known as the sports betting site with the most betting options, but they do not get enough credit for their wide selection of casino and racebook offerings. Players just deposit into one account using Solana or another method and immediately have access to all three sections of BetOnline’s website. After winning a bet in any of those sections, players at BetOnline are eligible to withdraw and take advantage of BetOnline’s 48-hour payout structure.


50% up to $1,000

Live Betting Options With Solana

Players that are looking to get some skin in the game after missing out on pregame betting odds love using SportsBetting because of their elite live betting suite. SportsBetting, which allows players to stream the games from within their sportsbook, has lightning-fast deposit speeds that means players do not even have to have funds in their account to play. Solana deposits at SportsBetting take a maximum of 2 hours to hit a player’s account, but in reality, it is rarely more than five minutes, making SportsBetting the best sportsbook for players looking to live bet with SOL.

How To Request Solana Payout

Solana payouts take three steps to complete at many sportsbooks, with a fourth step only needed for players that withdraw using a different crypto and then exchanging it for SOL in their cryptocurrency exchange. The three steps to withdraw SOL can be found below, with players that are withdrawing a different cryptocurrency following the same process.

  1. Go to the cryptocurrency exchange of choice and select receive. In that section, there is a receiver address that needs to be copied. This address lets the sportsbooks know where to send the Solana.
  2. Go to the sportsbook and toggle through the payout section and select Solana. Enter the payout amount desired.
  3. Paste the cryptocurrency exchange’s receiver address that was copied in step one and send the funds. Identification confirmation steps may be required, but those are normal and expected at most sportsbooks.

How To Get The Fastest Sportsbook Payouts With Solana

Payouts with Solana from online sportsbooks are easy to complete, but players will find that to get the fastest payouts for Solana they should complete a few steps before requesting the withdrawal. Some of the suggested tips to get the fastest sportsbooks with SOL are:

  1. Complete any identification confirmation steps that sportsbooks and cryptocurrency exchanges may require beforehand.
  2. Ensure that any sportsbook bonuses have been completed. Rollovers can occasionally slow down SOL payouts, with lower rollovers easier to complete.
  3. Playing at the same sportsbook for a long period of time can speed up SOL payouts. Players will find that effectively instant payouts with Solana are in-place for players that have already withdrawn before.

Solana Deposit Speeds At Online Sportsbooks

Many sportsbooks will require players to withdraw using the same method that they deposited with, and this includes Solana. Because of that, players need to learn the SOL deposit information for each top sportsbook. Bovada does not accept Solana, but given how quickly players can withdraw using Ethereum and turn that into SOL, they must be included below:

  • Bovada (Ethereum): 30-second deposits, $50 minimum, $5,000 maximum
  • BetOnline (Solana): 2-hour deposits, $20 minimum, $100,000 maximum
  • SportsBetting (Solana): 2-hour deposits, $20 minimum, $100,000 maximum

Deposit Bonuses At Online Sportsbooks For Solana

Each of the top online sportsbooks will offer a deposit bonus for first-time players and returning players, but those bonuses will vary by site. The key difference in each of the sites’ bonuses is their rollover requirements, not the maximum values. Rollover mandates how many times players must bet through their funds before withdrawing. For players looking to make only a few bets, it is advisable to decline any bonus offerings because of the rollover. If someone is joining a sportsbook for the long haul, then accepting the bonus is wise because they offer a great way to build a bankroll. The deposit bonus for each top online sportsbook is:

  • Bovada: Crypto players get up to a $750 bonus on a 75% match with a 5X rollover on initial deposits
  • BetOnline: Initial deposits are eligible for $1,000 in bonus funds on a 100% match with a 14X rollover
  • SportsBetting: Solana players can get a $1,000 bonus based on a 100% match that comes with a 14X rollover.