Fast Online Betting Payouts Using Apple Pay

Several different retailers have begun accepting Apple Pay so it makes sense that online sportsbooks will let you withdraw your winnings using Apple Pay. While the accrual process in withdrawing with Apple Pay is easy, there are different guidelines that you’ll need to follow. It is also worth noting that Apple Pay falls under the MatchPay financials so as long as you choose an online betting site that take MatchPay, like Bovada, you’ll be good to go.

To find out more about fast Apple Pay payouts on online betting sites, you have come to the right place as we’ll go over all of the information for you. We’ll cover the rules and regulations behind making an Apple Pay withdrawal, some benefits that there are to using Apple Pay, and the safety behind it.

Best Online Sportsbooks With Apple Pay Payouts

You do have options when it comes to choosing an online sportsbook that allows you to withdraw your winnings with Apple Pay in a fast manner. Other than the fast payouts that you’ll receive, you’ll find that you can use bonuses, find odds on basically any sport that comes to mind, and be able to access all of these features from wherever you are with their flexible platforms.


50% up to $250

Fastest Payouts With Apple Pay

Payouts with Apple Pay are quite literally only offered by the best on sportsbook in the United States, Bovada. Apply Pay payouts at Bovada are exclusive to the industry-leading sportsbook through their MatchPay program. That program allows Apple Pay withdrawers to match with Apple Pay depositors and effectively transfer funds in Bovada through MatchPay.

Apple Pay Withdrawal Guidelines On Online Sportsbooks

No matter which online sportsbook you are using to make your Apple Pay withdrawal, you’ll need to follow the rules and regulations that come with Apple Pay withdrawals. Those regulations will include payout processing times, some fees that may be associated with Apple Pay transactions, and limits such as minimum and maximum withdrawals that you can make.

Apple Pay Withdrawal Processing Times

The time it takes for you to get your finds credited back to you when requesting a withdrawal through Apple Pay is the best part about this entire process. It is one of the quickest processing times amongst any withdrawal method on the books that accept it as it takes up to just 15 minutes.

Fees For Apple Pay Sportsbook Payouts

The fees for requesting an Apple Pay withdrawal are very friendly and easy to overcome. In most cases if you play your cards right you wont even have to pay fees. The sportsbooks give you one free withdrawal every 90 days. If you need to make a withdrawal anytime within those 90 days, you’ll be charged $100.

Limits For Apple Pay Withdrawals

Luckily for those that are requesting an Apple Pay withdrawal, you won’t be hassled with minimum and maximum withdrawal limits that cannot be met. For those casual bettors that hit betting on their favorite teams, you can request as little as $20. For those that take betting more seriously, you can request up to $1,000.

Benefits Of Apple Pay Withdrawals Vs. Other MatchPay Options

Other than the fast payouts for those requesting it with Apple Pay, there are many other benefits to take into consideration as well. Not only are Apple Pay sportsbook transactions beneficial not because of the quick processing time, but because of the perks that you get from Apple for using this as a form of payment. Some of the benefits include:

  • No fees when using an online gambling site
  • Earn your Apple rewards on your transactions
  • Same day payouts
  • Payout bonuses from Apple

Are Apple Pay Sportsbook Payouts Safe?

Payouts using Apple Pay are safe for you to use for several reasons. The main being that the betting sites that allow you to get paid out with Apple Pay have backend encrypted links such as Secure Sockets Layer that protect both their servers and your web browsers containing all of your information such as your name, payment information, location, and other stuff. In addition, they also have 24-hour customer service that runs seven days of the week to help you in the event of any problem that you may occur.