Fastest Payouts From USD Coin Sportsbooks

One of the best withdrawal methods for players looking for fast payouts, USD Coin has been growing in popularity for good reason. USD Coin (USDC) is an especially great option when withdrawing because of its status as a stablecoin, meaning players always know what they can sell the cryptocurrency for ($1). With limited volatility and payout speeds as low as 15 minutes, online sportsbooks are increasingly offering payouts with USDC. With payouts so fast, it is no wonder that USD Coin is so popular!

Sportsbooks That Payout The Fastest When Using USDC

Given the rise in USD Coin usage, any online sportsbook that does not offer fast USD Coin payouts can probably be ignored. Some of the top USD Coin sportsbooks are guaranteeing USDC withdrawals reaching players’ ERC-20 compatible wallets in 48 hours or less, with the “less” being much more common. Based on the speed of payout, the best USD Coin sportsbooks are:


50% up to $250

Withdraw The Most USDC The Fastest

The premier USD Coin sportsbook is Bovada, as the popular sportsbook delivers withdrawals made via the cryptocurrency faster than any other reputable sportsbook and offers larger payouts of USDC than any other site. Withdrawal speed when using USDC from Bovada is top of the line, as the sportsbook pays out the cryptocurrency in 15 minutes or less. On top of the speed, players have no maximum on how much USD Coin they can withdraw from Bovada, as the only limit is that the payout must be at least $50. Any withdrawal made from Bovada over $9,5000 will be made in $9,500 increments.


50% up to $1,000

Withdraw Up To $100,000 In 48 Hours

When looking for a combination of large and fast payouts from online sportsbooks, it is impossible to do better than BetOnline. BetOnline allows players to withdraw anywhere from $20 to $100,000 in USD Coin, with those payouts reaching the players’ cryptocurrency exchange accounts within 48 hours after requested. On top of just their fast USD Coin withdrawals, BetOnline is also well known for offering USD Coin players large deposit bonuses. New USD Coin players are eligible to receive a 100% on their initial deposit up to $1,000!


50% up to $1,000

Deposit And Withdraw USD Coin

Often touted for their wide variety of betting odds and vast casino section of their site, SportsBetting has proven to also be particularly strong within their cashier section. SportsBetting allows for deposits and withdrawals with various methods of cryptocurrencies, and naturally, that means they accept USD Coin deposits and withdrawals. SportsBetting processes the majority of USD Coin payouts in under one hour, with all other USDC withdrawals getting processed and delivered within 48 hours. USD Coin deposits and payouts at SportsBetting have the same allowable range of transfers and the same fees, $20-$100,000 with zero fees.

How To Request A USD Coin Payout

Requesting a USD Coin payout is a very quick process that takes minimal time and energy. The steps to request a USD Coin payout are:

  • Copy the receiving address from your sportsbook.
  • Go to the withdrawal section of the sportsbook and select the “USD Coin” option.
  • Enter the amount you would like to withdraw.
  • Paste the receiver address that was copied in step one.
  • Once the USDC reaches the crypto exchange account, sell it for the desired currency.
  • Withdraw from the cryptocurrency exchange.

USDC Transactions At Online Sportsbooks

Most, if not all, online sportsbooks will require players to withdraw the same way that they deposited into their account. That means USD Coin players must know everything about payouts and deposits. The information on both sides of the transaction is very similar, especially the zero fees detail. Breaking it down by sportsbook, the key deposit and withdrawal information for USD Coin transactions at sportsbooks can be found below. Keep in mind that the deposit speed and payout speeds sections represent the maximum time frame for USD Coin transactions.

Transaction Range And Speed Of USD Coin At Sports Betting Sites

Sportsbook Deposit
Bovada $50-$5,000 2 Hours $50-$No Max 15 Minutes
BetOnline $20-$100,000 2 Hours $20-$100,000 48 Hours
SportsBetting $20-$100,000 2 Hours $20-$100,000 48 Hours

Best USD Coin Bonuses

If USD Coin payouts are going to require users to understand USDC deposits, then learning about the bonuses that sportsbooks offer for using the stablecoin to deposit is a necessary and enjoyable aspect of any USD Coin research. USD Coin deposit bonuses are available at all the top sportsbooks and act as a free way for players to build their bankrolls before requesting a payout. The best USD Coin sportsbook sign-up bonuses by site are:

  • Bovada: 75% match, $750 maximum value, 5X rollover
  • BetOnline: 100% match, $1,000 maximum value, 14X rollover
  • SportsBetting: 100% match, $1,000 maximum value, 14X rollover

Should I Accept A Bonus If I Want A Fast USD Coin Payout?

The payout speed of USD Coin is unaffected by the decision to accept or decline a bonus, but the ability to withdraw itself will be slowed down. Online sportsbooks attach a rollover that mandates how many times an entire bankroll must be bet through completely be the funds are eligible for a payout. The simple answer for players looking to bet just once or twice is to decline the bonus, while long-term players would be wise to grow their bankroll using the bonus because they are likely to bet enough ties to complete their rollover requirement.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges For The Fastest USD Coin Payouts

There are many excellent cryptocurrency exchanges that can be used to secure the fastest sportsbook payouts when using USD Coin. When requesting a USD Coin payout, players will want to key in on cryptocurrency sites like Coinbase that operate as both a wallet and an exchange. Payouts from online sportsbooks with USD Coin are sent to cryptocurrency wallets, with players then selling their USD Coin in crypto exchanges for actual USD Dollars. Accepting payouts and selling the USD Coin in one place can speed up the payout process for USC Coin from sportsbooks very quickly. Some of the most common USD Coin exchanges for online sports betting can be seen below.

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Huobi Global
  • Kraken