Bitcoin SV Sportsbooks And Payouts

Bitcoin SV is commonly used at only one online sportsbook, Bovada. Bovada’s affiliation with Bitcoin SV started with Calvin Ayre, who was instrumental in the success of the sportsbook when it first started out. Bovada will let you withdraw and deposit via Bitcoin SV, with their withdrawal options even preferring it – you can get faster withdrawals in Bitcoin SV than you can in nearly any other cryptocurrency.

Top Sportsbooks For Bitcoin SV

While many online sportsbooks accept Bitcoin, and its fork, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV is a bit rarer when it comes to acceptance rates. This means that you are limited in terms of which sportsbooks accept Bitcoin SV as a method of deposit and payout. For now, only one of the top online sportsbooks does – Bovada.


50% up to $250

The Premier Bitcoin SV Sportsbook

Bovada’s love affair with Bitcoin SV began with Calvin Ayre, who was instrumental in the early days of the sportsbook. Ayre was a cryptocurrency early adopter who fell in love with Bitcoin SV, claiming it was the only crypto alternative worth adopting. As such, Bovada remains the only major online sportsbook that offers Bitcoin SV payouts, and they seek to stay true to Satoshi’s vision by making those payouts as fast as possible and as painless as possible, with no fees applied to them.

Bitcoin SV Vs. Other Cryptocurrencies

At Bovada, Bitcoin SV is given a significant advantage,as it has the fastest withdrawal and deposit times of any cryptocurrency. This makes it the fastest payout option on the entire site. This is further exacerbated by how well Bitcoin SV is optimized to use the blockchain, with fast speeds and easy transactions being the goal behind the fork of Bitcoin Cash that Bitcoin SV arose out of in the first place.

At Bovada, Bitcoin SV will match or exceed other cryptocurrencies as a payout method. At BetOnline, it will not be usable. It will similarly be unusable at MyBookie, SportsBetting and XBet.

The Difference Between Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency. A dispute over Bitcoin’s blockchain led to a fork, wherein there were now two Bitcoins – original Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash was designed to make transactions easier on the blockchain. However, some of the group that splintered off to create Bitcoin Cash felt that some of the changes did not fit the vision of the godfather of cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto laid out the ground rules for crypto in his original Bitcoin white paper, and thus, this splinter group splintered again, with Bitcoin SV arising as a fork of Bitcoin Cash. SV, by the way, stands for “Satoshi Vision”.

Bitcoin SV Bovada Deposit Info

Bitcoin SV deposits are only available at Bovada, although players are given flexibility as Bovada is the best mobile and desktop sportsbook for BSV. Bitcoin SV bonuses are also available at Bovada, with players receiving up to $750 when depositing with BSV. Deposit information for Bitcoin SV can be seen below.

Min Deposit Max Deposit Fees Time Limit?
$10 $5,000 0% Up to 1 hour No

Bitcoin SV Bovada Withdrawal Info Compared To Bitcoin And Bitcoin Cash

Crypto Min Max Weekly Limit
Bitcoin (BTC) $10 $9,500 $180,500
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $10 $2,500 $2,500
Bitcoin SV (BSV) $10 $9,500 $9,500