VISA Sportsbook Payouts

Visa card payouts from online sportsbooks directly back on to the card are rarely offered in the United States, but players will see that betting sites do offer many payout methods for Visa card users that are fast. This page will highlight the fastest sportsbook payout methods and speeds for Visa cards, with a specific focus on Checks, Wire Transfers, and Cryptocurrencies. Each Visa payout method has slightly different withdrawal requirements, but have shown to have the fastest payouts for Visas at sportsbooks.

Why You Can’t Get Payouts In VISA

VISA cards, both credit and debit options, are deposit options only. They are not payout options because you cannot get money paid out to a credit card or debit card. You can get payouts in other forms at online sportsbooks, however. For VISA Debit cards, you can get payouts via wire and bank transfers to the account associated with the VISA card. For credit cards, you’ll want to look for another method of withdrawal, such as a bank transfer or check.

What Are The Payout Options Available If You Used VISA?

Payout options that you can receive with VISA deposits vary. There are a few major options worth discussing that you’ll want to look into if you deposited with a VISA card, either credit or debit.

Check: Checks are available at all of the major online sportsbooks, and they can be used to receive payouts from online sportsbooks if you deposited with VISA cards.

Wire Transfer: Wire Transfers can be used as withdrawal options if you have deposited with a VISA card. This method is generally the best combination of speed and reliability outside of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency: You cannot use cryptocurrency when you withdraw from online sportsbooks after a VISA deposit. This is because they do not want to be used as unauthorized crypto exchanges.

Vouchers: Vouchers allow you to move money between various online sportsbooks that are affiliated with each other. For example, you can move money via vouchers between BetOnline and SportsBetting.

Money Orders: You can withdraw via money orders if you deposited in VISA, and these are effectively a worse version of Wire Transfers, with lower withdrawal limits and similar fees at most online sportsbooks.


50% up to $250

A Top Sportsbook Accepting Visa

Bovada allows you to deposit in VISA, but their withdrawal options are fairly limited once you have. In fact, they only allow withdrawals via three total methods – cryptocurrency, checks and vouchers. If you deposited with VISA, you can only use two of them, meaning you might want to start getting into crypto if you use Bovada – their best bonuses are reserved for crypto users, who also receive no fees applied to their withdrawals.


50% up to $1,000

Quick Payouts via the Best Cryptos

BetOnline has several options for withdrawal if you deposit via VISA, including wire transfers and money orders. These options can be sent to your bank account if you use a VISA debit card, which means you can effectively withdraw with VISA debit at BetOnline. Still, it might be wise to look into a cryptocurrency wallet, as BetOnline takes a dozen different cryptos and gives you extra bonuses for using them.

VISA Vs. Crypto

Cryptocurrency has mostly supplanted credit cards as the major mode of money transfer at online sportsbooks. This is because they offer big bonuses for using crypto, and have taken all fees off of payouts when you use crypto. Thus, we recommend ditching VISA for crypto, as the only way to get those sweet no-fee crypto payouts is to deposit in crypto in the first place.