How Long Does The Average Sports Betting Payout Take?

Let's be honest, today's technological landscape dictates that industries get things done quickly and efficiently. The online sports betting industry is no exception. Time and efficiency are the cornerstone of the sportsbook payout process for bettors, as account holders want to see their winnings get to them in a timely manner. Relatively speaking, just about every sportsbook payout method available allows users to have access to their funds in a timely, if not quick, manner. Not all methods are the same though, with this page designed to explore the different payout processes available and the corresponding length of time it will take to receive those payouts.

There are a couple of things that come into play in determining the length of time a payout will take to get to a user. The first is the sportsbook that an account holder is requesting the payout from. Different ones will come with their own time frame, which should be stipulated on the site for bettors to check out even without an account. The second is the amount that is being withdrawn. Certain payout limits require a certain type of payout, so it will be important to cross-reference the two.

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Types Of Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods + Payout Times For Each

We'll break down the payout methods seen at sports betting sites and talk about the expected length of time that it will take to be paid out to the player. You will certainly see variance, but it's important to keep in mind the best type of payout for individuals. There are some fast payout methods but it doesn't necessarily mean that's the one that fits your needs the best.

Paper Drafts + Checks Sent Through Courier or Postal Service - Everyone understands a check and what that is. But there can actually be quite a few different check options that sportsbooks will offer their players to withdraw using. Typically delivery methods for sportsbook payouts using checks include through the mail or a courier. Then there can be the option of an ExpressCheck. Through the mail, delivery can be a couple of weeks while about the same amount of time through a courier can be expected as well. The ExpressCheck will be the fastest, typically within seven business days. But with the faster time expect the fee to be higher to withdraw.

Electronic Cash Wire Transfers - For U.S. residents, a wire transfer will be the fastest method for paying those cashing out from a sportsbook. Western Union and MoneyGram are both very popular when it comes to getting paid because each is widely used for everyday transactions not limited to sports betting. In some cases depending on the sportsbook, those who request sportsbook payouts using cash transfer could technically have funds the same day... definitely in less than 24 hours! This method is commonly only for Americans.

Payouts Wired Directly To Bank Accounts - A bank wire takes approximately 10 business days to be received by the account holder after making the withdrawal request. Bank wires are processed in batches, and not as an individual wire transfer which is the reasoning for the time difference between the two methods. Bank wire payouts are not for everyone though, because they often have high minimum withdrawal limits and high maximum withdrawal limits. In short, this using bank wires for sports betting withdrawal is a solid way to go for the big players with thousands of dollars in winnings coming their way.

Money Refunded To Debit/Bank Card Used To Fund Account - Paying bettors out on a debit card is what this method is all about. It's one of the fastest payout options as well. But it's only offered at one or two sportsbooks that take USA players currently and it generally takes about 3 to 5 days to complete. A Visa and MasterCard debit card are the two acceptable debit cards that allow for this type of transfer currently.

Money Orders + Cashier's Checks - Get a money order and cashier's check through the mail or a courier, with the delivery method will be decided by the sportsbook. These methods take about two business weeks to be received by the bettor. They are mailed to the address on the player's account, with the sportsbook payout limits varying greatly depending on the sportsbook.

What Is The Fastest Sportsbook Payout Method?

If you've read all about the payout methods we mentioned up above, then you have determined that the wire transfer is the fastest way to get paid out. A wire transfer is the only method that has the possibility of a same-day payout. Moreover, the longest average time that cash wire transfers take are generally still quicker than the shortest time of any other method - DCFA is the closest competitor and has a 3-4 day average delivery time.

Is Faster Always Better?

Every payout situation with players can be unique. There are many aspects that can come into play. Whether or not the methods and the sportsbooks with the fastest payouts are best for everyone every single time is probably not a true statement and that is because different people have different needs.

We suggest is that you look at several payout options and figure out how much you might withdraw and figure out if you get the maximum payout with the fastest time, or with another method. The good news is that even the 'slower' payout methods are still relatively quick. Within a couple of weeks every type of method can get to you, so it depends how big of a hurry you are in to get it.

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