Wire Transfer Sports Betting Payouts

Most of us like technology, and getting things here and now. That is definitely true for those of us who bet sports online. When we win, we want to receive our payouts, and we want to receive our payouts fast! One such method where bettors are able to receive their payout relatively fast is through the use of a wire transfer.

A wire transfer works by sending cash to individuals. When done in deposit, the player sends cash to the sportsbook and the opposite is true when it comes time to get paid. If you’ve ever used Western Union or MoneyGram, you’ve used a wire transfer service before and will have first-hand experience with two of the more popular methods used to facilitate payouts from online sportsbooks.

You will find information on wire transfer payouts and get the answers to many of your questions about this type of a payout method. Check out what we have down below, and see if a wire transfer is the route that you want to take.

Can USA Players Use Wire Transfers For Sportsbook Payouts?

Yes, bettors who live in the United States and are looking to receive a payout with a wire transfer will be able to do so. Online sportsbooks are able to pay out USA bettors with a wire transfer, and have cash sent directly to them at thousands of retailers across the United States.

Online Sportsbooks That Use Wire Transfers As A Payout Method

There are several online sportsbooks out there that have a wire transfer payout option. It’s a fast way to get a payout, so obviously the bettors like it. But it’s also a way to get players to bet big money, because the limits are higher and the payouts are higher. Wire transfers are great options for players looking to transfer a lot of money.


50% up to $250

Excellent Wire Transfer Withdrawal Options

Bovada offers withdrawals via bank wire transfer, so you can wake up with your money safe in your bank account. The only downsides of bank wire transfer withdrawals at bovada are that cryptocurrency withdrawals are slightly faster and have higher withdrawal limits. If you’re a normal person, however, you should have no trouble with Bovada’s generous wire transfer withdrawal limits. Bovada offers great customer service in the event of payment issues, and they focus on preventing such issues in the first place with their excellent support team. You should run into no problems when you get a wire transfer withdrawal from Bovada.


50% up to $1,000

Multiple Wire Transfer Methods Available In U.S.A.

BetOnline Sportsbook is a USA friendly online sportsbook that has become one of the top-rated in the world. BetOnline has several ways in which a player can receive a payout, one of which is through the use of a wire transfer.

A minimum payout of $500 is required to receive a wire transfer payout, with a maximum up to $15,000. It’s their biggest maximum payout of any withdrawal method! Fees are minimal, and it takes just a week or so to get that payout.

Bet on all of you favorite sports at BetOnline, and take some of the bonus offers that they have, including up to $900 on every deposit made.

More On Using Wire Transfers For Sportsbook Payouts

What Is Required to Use Wire Transfers?

Bettors will be required to fill out any and all forms for a wire transfer to give to the online sportsbook so that the process can be completed. This will likely include your account information, along with verifying your identity for security purposes. From there though, the process is relatively simple and easy, with the online sportsbook doing the rest of the work to send you the amount that you selected to withdrawal.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Wire Transfer?

Getting your payout from an online sportsbook using a wire transfer is one of the fastest ways to receive it. On the whole, a wire transfer process of withdraw will take anywhere from one week up to 10 days. The process is started by requesting to withdraw, selecting that you want to do so with a wire transfer, and getting the ball rolling. This can take a day or so to receive the confirmation, but once it is all verified, you do not have to do anything else on your part other than wait for that bank account to go up!

Do Sportsbooks Charge A Fee For Wire Transfer Payouts?

Fees for receiving an online sportsbook payout via wire transfer can range. They are definitely higher than getting a payout through a check in the mail, but you can receive a wire transfer much faster. Fees somewhere in the range of $45-$75 are commonly seen at online sportsbooks, especially those that accept USA players, but know that the sportsbook isn’t actually charging you the fee… the wire transfer service is. While the fee is deducted from the payout that you are receiving, it is what the sportsbook has to pay in order to use the service so that you can get your withdrawal as requested.

What Are The Sportsbook Payout Limits For A Wire Transfer?

Wire transfers are a great way to receive high payouts, as it makes it very easy and fast to transfer high amounts of money. As such, payout limits for wire transfers are generally high. In fact, they are typically the highest type of payout limit. Minimums and maximums obviously are not the same at every sportsbook. Minimums usually start around a couple hundred dollars, while maximums can go up to several thousands of dollars. As far as payout limits are concerned, a wire transfer is exceedingly high and a great option for you.

Pros And Cons Of Wire Transfers

  • PRO: High Payout Limits – When it comes to a wire transfer, they are typically the payout option with the highest payout maximum. This makes it a good option for those big players looking to withdraw a large amount of money.
  • PRO: Fast Transaction Capabilities- Most wire transfers are received in less than two days. Companies like Western Union have the cash in an account in 12 to 36 hours.
  • PRO: Works For American Bettors – Players from the United States do have the option to receive a wire transfer payout, which is definitely a big plus for Americans who would prefer to get their cash faster than with a check.
  • CON: Higher Fees Than Most Other Methods – Wire transfers are known for having some of the highest fees of any payout method available. In some cases they can be upwards of $75 to $100 depending on the sportsbook and the amount withdrawn. While not always that high, it’s important to note that fees will accompany this method.