Fastest CashApp Payouts On Online Sportsbooks

CashApp Payouts from online sportsbooks can come in two forms: through the popular peer-to-peer use of the app or through the Bitcoin purchasing feature of CashApp. Using the Bitcoin purchasing feature makes CashApp one of the fastest sportsbook payout methods available, with the peer-to-peer transaction method through Bovada’s MatchPay program also a fast payout option. The fastest sportsbook payouts for CashApp will be fully explained on this page, although with other key information to know in order to achieve the best CashApp withdrawal possible.

Best Online Sportsbooks With Fast CashApp Payouts

You’ll find some of the best online betting sites that the industry has to offer when looking for one that has CashApp as a withdrawal method. Other than just getting paid out in a quick and timely manner, these sites have bonuses and promotions, and just overall great quality odds.


50% up to $250

Get Paid Out Via CashApp

Bovada offers the fastest CashApp payouts of any online sportsbook. Those CashApp withdrawals at Bovada come in two forms: through Bitcoin and through MatchPay. Bitcoin payouts through CashApp are processed within 15 minutes, making BTC payouts via CashApp one of the fastest possible payouts from sportsbooks online. MatchPay CashApp payouts are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis, with the Bovada-specific program matching depositors and withdrawers of the same method together as soon as possible.


50% up to $1,000

Largest CashApp Payouts

BetOnline does not offer a MatchPay alternative, meaning players can only request payouts with CashApp through Bitcoin. CashApp payouts at BetOnline are completed in 24-48 hours, with the majority of withdrawals getting paid out in less than two hours. BetOnline’s payouts for CashApp are free and can be done up to $100,000.


50% up to $1,000

CashApp Payouts Made Easy

Bitcoin payouts are the fastest and easiest types of transactions at MyBookie, with CashApp bettors eligible to receive those payouts as fast as any other cryptocurrency exchange. CashApp Bitcoin payouts at MyBookie can range from $25 all the way up to $5,000, all with no fees attached. The payout speed will depend on the internal review period (maximum of two days) and processing time (one day maximum), although CashApp users will note that the process is sped up after the first withdrawal.

Rules And Regulations For CashApp Withdrawals

The one major thing to note about withdrawing with CashApp from your online betting account is that you do need to follow certain rules and regulations in order for the process to go through. That includes withdrawal limits, fees that might be associated with the transaction, and the amount of time that it takes for you to receive your funds as well.

CashApp Withdrawal Limits

The limits that you can withdrawal with CashApp from an online betting site are the minimum and maximum dollar amount that you can withdraw. Luckily, the limits that are in place are extremely friendly and easy to meet as they cater to both regular everyday bettors that win a little bit betting on their favorite team and even to sharps that bet professionally. That is a $20 minimum and a $1,000 maximum.

Fees For CashApp Payouts

CashApp payouts are free at all of the online sportsbooks highlighted on this page. There are no fees when using CashApp for MatchPay or CashApp to withdraw Bitcoin at any site.

What Is The Processing Time For CashApp Withdrawals?

As for how long it takes for you to get your funds credited back to your CashApp account and in to your bank account, it’ll be no more than 15 minutes from start to finish. However, it is worth noting that you cannot make more than two CashApp withdrawals per day from your account.

Can You Withdraw With CashApp On Other Online Sportsbooks That Aren’t Bovada?

Technically, yes, you can request your winnings on CashApp from another online sportsbook that isn’t Bovada even if they do not have MatchPay withdrawals. That is because CashApp also serves as a crypto wallet. That said, you can use CashApp to make a deposit in cryptos such as Bitcoin and make a withdrawal with Bitcoin right back to your crypto wallet inside of your CashApp account. Some of the other online sportsbooks that accept CashApp and allow you to withdraw with CashApp include BetOnline and MyBookie. Both of which offer fast and easy payouts to CashApp users that are dealing with cryptos.

Is It Legal To Use Online Betting Sites That Payout In CashApp?

Yes, it is 100% legal for you to get paid out from your online betting account with CashApp, and have absolutely nothing to worry about. That is because the online betting sites that let you request a withdrawal to your CashApp account are legal in the eyes of the United States government. There are no federal laws that would prohibit you from using these online betting sites regardless of if you are in a state that has regulated sports betting or not. That said, you are free to use them as you please.

Getting Paid Out In CashApp From Your Phone?

The great thing about CashApp withdrawals is that they can be done right from the palm of your hand on any smart device that has the ability to download their app. They have apps on many different smartphones and smart tablets that are all compatible with all of the online sportsbooks on this page. As long as you have internet connection, you’ll be able to make a CashApp withdrawal from any mobile device. Some of those devices include:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Google Pixel
  • iPad
  • LG Wing
  • Galaxy Tab
  • Lenovo