Debit Card Sportsbook Payouts

Sportsbooks that offer debit card payouts are few and far between, with even fewer sportsbooks offering fast payouts for debit cards. This page will instead focus on the fastest payout methods that debit card depositors can use instead. These fast payout methods are offered by many of the best debit card sportsbooks in the United States, with methods like wire transfers, checks, and money orders specifically standing out.

Payouts To Bank Accounts Associated With Debit Cards

When withdrawing with the goal of putting the money on your debit card, what you want to do is simply send it to the bank account that you are using as the source of funds for your card. There are several methods to doing this, with the most common being wire transfers, which can simply send money from the sportsbook’s bank account to yours.

What Payout Options Can You Use?

Wire Transfers – This deposit method is available at BetOnline, MyBookie, SportsBetting and XBet, and you can use it to send money to the bank account associated with your debit card with ease. It tends to have fairly high withdrawal limits, but fees are applied.

Checks – This is a method that Bovada puts a heavy focus on for traditional finance, and it will require you to deposit the check in some way. Most banks have apps that can allow you to deposit checks with simply a picture, which is always useful.

Money Orders – Money orders tend to have lower deposit maximums than wire transfers, but they aren’t the end of the world. They can be better for a more flexible experience when using traditional financial methods to withdraw onto your debit card.

Cryptocurrency – You cannot use cryptocurrency withdrawals with your debit card. Sportsbooks do not allow you to withdraw in crypto if you deposited in something other than crypto, since that would be using them as an unlicensed crypto exchange.


50% up to $250

Great Array of Banking Options Here

Bovada offers checks as their major method of getting money from their sportsbook into your bank account. Their checks are all delivered by courier services, so you can be sure that you’ll get them on time and with minimal delays. Note that these are paper checks, so if you want to get your money, you will have to wait unless you want to choose a different withdrawal option.


50% up to $1,000

Easy Wire Transfer Deposits

BetOnline offers money orders and wire transfers, although in our opinion, their wire transfer offerings are faster and have higher withdrawal limits, making them better. If you’re taking out less than $4,000, the two are fairly equivalent, but when the number goes higher, wire transfers become the way to go when it comes to getting money to a bank account associated with a debit card at BetOnline,


50% up to $1,000

MyBookie Review

MyBookie offers a few major withdrawal methods that can help with debit card withdrawals. The biggest one is that they have a two-tiered bank wire withdrawal system, where withdrawals under $500 have a small fee, and withdrawals up to $5,000 have a larger fee. Bank wires are a great way to get money out of a sportsbook and into the bank account that your debit card is attached to.


50% up to $1,000

Wires, Money Orders and more offers money orders as well as wire transfers, but it’s worth noting that they might be the sportsbook that wants you to use crypto the most. They accept more than a dozen different cryptocurrencies, and they double their bonuses when you use crypto, so you get more bang for your buck with crypto than with any debit card at SportsBetting.


50% up tp $300

Withdrawal to Bitcoin

XBet features a range of options for debit card withdrawals, but the major one they feature is bank wires. You can use bank wires to get your money out of XBet with fairly minimal fees. They charge you a flat $15 fee for transactions under $500, and a flat $35 fee for transactions that range from $500 to $5,000.

Debit Cards Vs. Cryptocurrency

Debit cards are a great method of depositing and withdrawing at online sportsbooks, but they pale in comparison to crypto at the moment. Cryptocurrency allows you to deposit and withdraw with ease, and gets you access to no-fee deposits and withdrawals, as well as bigger bonuses at the top online sportsbooks.