Debit Card Sportsbook Payouts

Using a debit card as a method of depositing into an online sportsbook is certainly a convenient way of doing things. That's because the majority of people nowadays have at least one, if not several variations of them. And when a sportsbook offers one that you possess as a method to deposit, there are no other steps required other than the typical process for an online purchase. But now, not only are online sportsbooks offering debit cards as depositing options, but some online sportsbooks even give players the chance to get that money back on their card when they choose to withdrawal.

This is exciting news for players who prefer to do all of their transactions with the debit card. Typically, players depositing with a debit card would have to go through other means to receive a payout. For example, checks in the mail or different wire transfers are conducted. While these methods are easy, the fact that a payout can be conducted on a debit card where the card number and information is already attached to the account makes it that much easier.

Complete information detailing the process and perspectives of receiving a debit card payout is available below on this page about one of the fastest betting payout methods that Americans can choose.

Can U.S. Players Have Sports Betting Payments Issued Back To Debit + Bank Cards?

The options for a debit card payout are available to USA players at certain sportsbooks where those cards are accepted as deposits + in many cases that card will need to be the actual one used to make the deposit. Not all legal sports betting sites offer this as an option. But having said that, this is certainly an option that American players can take advantage of in places where it is available.

Online Sportsbooks That Payout Through Debit Refund

There are U.S. friendly sportsbooks available with the debit card payout opportunity. Specific details for the requirements will be unique to the site and sportsbook itself. Directly following, read about one of the sportsbooks imploring the debit card withdrawal.

5Dimes Sportsbook

Certain Debit Cards Can Be Re-Credited For Americans

When it comes to getting a debit card payout option, consult 5Dimes as your sports betting site of choice. 5Dimes allows American players to sign up for an account and to legally play for real money. This means that players winning money will have the chance to withdraw. Among the many options is the Debit Cards Funds Application (DCFA).

Players with a MasterCard or Visa debit card only can use this withdrawal option from 5Dimes, but it sure is a great way to go. With the minimum set only at $100, it's very low for players to get it on. What's also nice is that players can withdraw up to $2500 per transaction. Fees for the debit card payout are relatively low in comparison to many. They start at just $15 for a withdrawal up to $500, however players are granted one free payout every 30 days with this!

Rating 9.0/10

Sportsbooks That Re-Credit Debit Cards
Best Sites For Debit Credit Payouts Min. / Max Avg. Payout Time Go To Sportsbook Betting Site Review
5Dimes Sportsbook $100 / $2,500 3 to 5 Business Days Bet NOW 5Dimes Review

Bank Wire Payouts - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Required To Use Debit Card Payouts?

The first thing that is needed is an accepted debit card. You read where 5Dimes only accepts MasterCard and Visa. While they are certainly the most popular, there are obviously other brands circulating. You will need to make sure you have one to match. Other requirements will include meeting the various steps for each sportsbook. This can include withdrawal request forms to be completed, along with ensuring that all of the debit card information is correct and up-to-date.

How Long Do Debit Card Payouts Take?

The complete process calls for the approval by the sportsbooks to make a withdrawal with a debit card. This can take 24 hours to complete, upon the confirmation will be sent via email. The time that the sportsbooks take to send the payout to a player is instant, with the pending transactions awaiting final approval from the bank account. Players should expect this to take no longer than 12 hours to be processed and back onto the debit card account.

Do Sportsbooks Charge a Fee For Debit Card Payouts?

There are fees that can come along with a debit card payout, but they will be according to the sportsbook you are withdrawing from. We go back to the 5Dimes example, where fees range from $15 to $40. The more a play withdraws, the higher the fee is. However, many sportsbooks will offer free payouts so long as players do not exceed the required number per month, or whatever time frame is outlined.

What Are The Limits For Getting Paid Out Through A Debit Card?

Not to keep sounding like a broken record, but again this will be best answered at the specific sportsbook. In general though, debit cards appear to have lower payout limits for the minimum, but do have a nice wide margin for the higher payout options as well. This is certainly appealing to players looking for solid payout options.

Pros And Cons Of Using Bank Wires For Sportsbook Payouts

PRO: Convenient - With so many players having debit cards in today's age, the fact those payouts can take place right back on their card would certainly be incentive to go with a sportsbook that offers one over one that doesn't.

PRO: Low Minimum Withdrawal - Not every player is withdrawing $500 or $1,000 from their account. As such, payouts offering low minimum withdrawals are nice to come along, which a debit card meets this standard.

PRO: American Player Friendly Though Limited - Players from the United States can use this method of getting paid out on a debit card, as there are USA sportsbooks that give this option.

CON: Not Found At Most Sportsbooks - As of now at least, the option for a debit card payout is not very common, though it certainly has the potential to grow with it continuing to be highly popular.