Depositing Into Online Sportsbooks - Funding Accounts

Without getting into all of the laws that restrict online sportsbook deposits here, please trust us when we say that it is actually quite easy to fund an online sports betting account... even if you are an American. Getting money into an account where it can then be wagered this essentially the last step before actually wagering online and it is also an extremely important one. And like we said earlier, despite the difficulties that bettors sometimes face, the actual process is quite friendly and as safe as purchasing something like a pair of shoes from a website for example.

This page is designed to acclimate readers with all the details and finer points that are related to making an online sportsbook deposit. These are many of the things that often catch those funding accounts off-guard... things like fees and charges that may apply to depositing, the actual time it takes before users will be allowed to place their wager, getting bonuses for making deposits into online sportsbooks and things of that nature. And even though this website has always been about getting the fastest payments from sports betting sites, it all starts with getting money in. We can't let you down at this point in the game so please stay with us as we'll cover all that plus much more. But, first lets get started by covering the actual payment methods that are accepted and discuss how the popular options work.

Online Sportsbook Deposit Methods

The outlets through which online sports betting sites allow their players to deposit and fund their accounts are numerous but are largely unique in terms of what can be found at specific sports betting sites.

With each of the different deposit methods there are really two ways of determining which options are going to be the best choice based on what the user needs. One way to do this is to find a sportsbook that accepts the method the user wants to deposit with, but that will not always leave them with the best options when it comes to selecting a betting website. The other way to figure it all out is to dissect each of the methods accepted by the betting site the user prefers and then go obtain that method.

U.S. versus Non-U.S. Methods

When discussing the funding methods that exist at online sports betting sites that are legal, there should be some distinguishing between who can deposit with what methods. Since there are no online sportsbooks that operate in the United States under federal law, the sites that accept American bettors are located offshore. But there are US friendly options that users are able to implement when funding their account to bet real-money.

At the same time, there are also non-U.S. deposit methods that exist at the different sites, because most every sportsbook will have international account holders as well. This is important to know going forward, as we break up the two into the different sub-categories of depositing.

U.S. Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Funding an online sportsbook account is easy for bettors in the U.S. For one, just being able to sign up that means they are accepted and allowed to bet which automatically means the sportsbook will have methods in which depositing can be done quickly. You'll find that the funding options are rather common, and easy to use.

Credit, Debit, Prepaid/Gift Cards - We start with the credit card deposit option because it is the most commonly seen funding method at sportsbook around the world. With the popularity and ease of payment for credit card, bettors are able to make an online transaction similar to any one that they would have completed with a regular purchase online. The process is the exact same, with the same type of information required. The difference is that the bettor selects the amount to fund within the parameters of the site for using a credit card. Common credit cards include a Visa and American Express for U.S. players, while MasterCard is sometimes found but is usually an option for established accounts or VIPs.

Western Union Transfers - Categorizing in general as a type of wire transfer, a Western Union transfers can send money electronically to the sportsbook to then fund the account. This can take about 30 minutes for the process to be complete. Fees can come along with the transfer, but most sportsbooks will cover them if a deposit is over a certain amount.

MoneyGram Transfers - Another type of electronic wire transfer, a MoneyGram is commonly seen and a quick way to deposit funds into an account. MoneyGram will have similar limits to Western Union transfers, and take roughly the same amount of time to complete as well.

Money Orders/Cashier's Checks - Another great way to deposit is through a cashier's check or a money order. This method is commonly found at sportsbooks that take USA players simply because those outside of the U.S. have better options. Surprisingly, this option is not available at every sportsbook even if Americans are allowed to bet there. Deposit times are the longest but this method typically guarantees 100% success.

Vouchers + Other Prepaid Options - A voucher can be purchased from a designated site that a sportsbook is accepting off. The corresponding voucher number can then be input into the deposit section at the sportsbook to fund the account. This is a nice way for those who would prefer not to input any financial information at a sportsbook, though betting sites are very safe and secure.

Non-U.S.A. Sportsbook Account Funding Options

With bettors from locations outside of the United States, there are other methods that are available that cannot be used by American players. There can be several different types, which gives more options. It will be stipulated within a sports betting site which option are available to players from the United States and which are not. When creating an account the location of your account will be the primary determining factor in this.

Electronic Wallets (PayPal, Skrill, EcoCard, NETeller, etc.) - Think of an e-wallet as a payment medium through which sportsbook deposits can be made without directly exchanging financial information with the online sportsbook where the funds will ultimately be used. These will require the user to sign up for another account but chances are that most users already have one with the most popular options used today. Unfortunately, e-wallets are afforded to international sports punters even at online sportsbooks where Americans are accepted.

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Sportsbook Deposit Times

One of the important factors to consider when choosing either an online bookmaker or a funding method would be the amount of time it takes for deposits to be credited to user accounts. A general rule of thumb is that anything involving an electronic transaction will be credited within minutes if not seconds.

This is often overlooked unless the user has experience with sportsbook deposits because it would take funding an account to know that it can take up to a few weeks for some methods to work. For instance, an American user sending a personal check to a foreign country not only has to wait for it to physically arrive but also for it to make it all the way through the clearing process before it is ever credited to an account.

Knowing that, it would seem obvious that everyone would want to fund their online betting account using an instant method, but that's not always possible. Click here to learn more about the factors that influence deposit time and see which sportsbooks offer the most methods that are capable of instant deposits.

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