Sportsbooks That Offer Fast MATIC Payouts

Polygon (MATIC) is a unique cryptocurrency that is run off of the Ethereum Blockchain and is secure and safe to use for transactions at quick payout sportsbooks. MATIC is the coin that is offered for withdrawals at the most popular online sportsbooks in the US. MATIC has become one of the most popular payment methods at fast payout sportsbooks for withdrawing winnings from hundreds of different types of sports wagers.

Fastest Sportsbooks For MATIC Payouts

Nearly every top online sportsbook in the United States offers cryptocurrency payouts. With the ease of which players can sell one cryptocurrency for another in their crypto exchange, that basically means all of the best sportsbooks in the US offer fast MATIC payouts. With that in mind, the fastest sportsbook payouts for Polygon users can be seen below.


50% up to $250

Fastest MATIC Payouts

Bovada is one of the most popular sports betting sites in the US but does not offer direct MATIC payouts. However, they do offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for fast payouts, and players who wanted MATIC can easily trade the value of the BTC they received for the same value of MATIC through crypto exchange sites. Bitcoin payouts are fee-free and can be processed from the fast payout sports betting site within 24 hours.


50% up to $1,000

Zero Fees With MATIC Payouts

Whether betting live on the NFL season or placing future wagers on the NBA Finals winner, BetOnline offers zero few for all MATIC withdrawals at the fast payout sports betting site. BetOnline does not add fees to large withdrawals but offers no fees on every single requested payout. The fast payout site offers daily withdrawals up to $100,000 and limits their players to two withdrawals per week with a cap of $200,000 through MATIC.

How To Receive Quick Sportsbook Payouts With MATIC

The process of requesting a MATIC payout only takes a few minutes and the transaction is processed anywhere from one minute to 48 hours at most quick payout sportsbooks. In order to receive a MATIC transfer, the sportsbook player must have some type of crypt wallet or exchange site that has a wallet attached. Players can typically use the site that was used to purchase the crypto to receive direct transfers back from the sportsbooks and hold the MATIC in that wallet.

Steps For Withdrawing At BetOnline

These simple steps are specially targeted at BetOnline’s quick payout sportsbook but the steps are similar for most online sportsbooks that offer MATIC withdrawals.

  • Log into your BetOnline account and select the withdrawal section.
  • Type in the desired payout amount and select MATIC from the list.
  • Copy the address from the crypto wallet at the exchange site.
  • Paste the exact wallet location into the BetOnline payout request as the address.
  • Wait for the request to be processed.

MATIC Withdrawal Information At BetOnline & SportsBetting

MATIC is one of the best options to request withdrawals from quick payout sportsbooks because it does not have any fees attached at BetOnline or SportsBetting. The currency can hit a player’s crypto wallet within 48 hours after a request and there are certain limits on how much can be requested at one time.

  • Min Withdrawal Amount – $20
  • Max Withdrawal Amount – $100,000
  • Max Payout Time – 48 Hours
  • Fees For Payout – Zero

Limits For MATIC Deposits

Before any withdrawal from a quick payout sportsbook can be requested, players have to make deposits into the sportsbook and place a bet first. Depositing with MATIC is also simple and secure and has limits on how much and how little can be deposited at one time.

  • Min Deposit – $20
  • Max Deposit – $100,000
  • Max Deposit Time – 48 Hours
  • Fees For Deposit – Zero

Is It Legal To Bet With MATIC?

There are legal sportsbooks for residents of all 50 US states that can use MATIC to bet on sports and request quick payouts for all of their winnings. These fast payout betting sites are operated internationally and are able to offer a completely legal and secure betting experience that features same-day payouts for all bettors. In short, one of the fastest ways to get money out of a sportsbooks is by using MATIC.