Fastest Sportsbook Payouts When Using NETeller

Many different sportsbooks offer NETeller payouts, with the fastest payouts at many of the sportsbooks being NETeller withdraws. The fastest sportsbook payouts for NETeller can be found when using Bovada in Europe, but many different options exist as well. This page will highlight all of the most important information needed to get the fastest NETeller sportsbook payouts, with focuses including NETeller withdrawal requirements, payout speeds when using NETeller, and fees that come with payouts with NETeller.

What Is NETeller?

NETeller is an e-wallet company that dates back all the way to 1999 when they were founded. NETeller has the ability to be used by more than 180 countries around the world, and specific to online gambling sites, allows players at sites accepting NETeller transactions to easily deposit and withdrawal. There are actually three types of NETeller services. The ewallet with the account, a money transfer, and a NETeller prepaid Mastercard. For this purpose of online gambling sites though, we focus on the e-wallet and money transfer options, which essentially go hand-in-hand.

NETeller, as a company, processes more than $1 billion in secure transactions annually and they make sure that their customers are well taken care of. NETeller is widely accepted at many online gambling sites, though it is for international use and not in the United States when it comes to transferring funds for this purpose.

Can USA Players Use NETeller As A Payout Method?

Unfortunately, if you are a resident in the United States looking to get paid out through a NETeller account, you will not be able to do so. USA players will need to seek other payout options from whatever sportsbook they’re registered with, or thinking about choosing.

For those of you outside of the United States, NETeller is a perfectly acceptable option to choose as the method you wish to make a withdrawal from the funds in your sports betting account.

Online Sportsbooks That Use NETeller As A Payout Method

NETeller is a common way to deposit into and take money out of online sportsbooks, so plenty of them have this method. Check out one of our best online sportsbooks that utilizes NETeller which we’ve displayed below. In terms of payout time, has yet to find a betting site that has shorter payout times and that is thanks to them using NETeller.


50% up to $250

Neteller Available For EU Only

Bovada can perform Neteller transactions via their MatchPay service, which simply inserts a middleman into your transactions. This service is the method by which they accept payments from various payment processing services, such as Neteller, Zelle and Square. Thus, you can access Neteller deposits and withdrawals at Bovada, although if you are in the US, you will be unable to do so, and will be best suited looking into other options for withdrawal, such as Bitcoin.

More About Using NETellers For Sports Betting Payouts

What Is Needed To Make A NETeller Sportsbook Withdrawal?

Signing up for an account at NETeller and having an account with them is the most important part of receiving a payout this way. A sportsbook will not allow you to get this payout without an account there. You will need to have you NETeller account information on hand to give to the sportsbook. Their payout department will get in touch with you to discuss any important details and give you the outlook on what to expect. Other than that though, what is required is very basic. It makes withdrawing with NETeller very efficient.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Sports Betting Payout Through NETeller?

The first step to making a withdrawal using NETeller at an online sportsbook is by submitting a request to do so. This doesn’t take very long, as the sportsbook should be back in contact with you within 24-48 hours. From there the process to actually transfer the money from your sportsbook account, to your NETeller account will only take up to one week to complete, which is very fast by online sportsbook payout standards. So it is certainly one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a sportsbook withdrawal.

Does NETeller or Online Sportsbooks Charge Fees For Payouts?

Standard E-Wallet fees will likely come along with a NETeller withdrawal. However, every sportsbook will have their own set of withdrawal guidelines, so it’s important to read the fine print there when receiving a payout. In general though, a fee should not exceed more than $50. A couple of factors which could dictate your decision such are how quickly you want to receive it, and how much money you wish to withdrawal.

Pros And Cons Of NETeller

  • PRO: Quick Transfer Of Funds – Those who are interested in using NETeller as means to deposit and withdraw from an online gambling site accepting them will have made good decision. Both transactions to and from are very quick, with an instant deposit, and payouts taking less than one day to complete.
  • PRO: Players Do Not Have To Give Financial Info To Sites – The whole point of NETeller is so that players do not have to put all of their sensitive banking or credit card information at the hands of these gambling sites. Acting as a payment medium, the NETeller account number is sufficient in this case, ensuring the protection of the accounts holders’ info.
  • PRO: Widely Available – Many online gambling sites, whether it be an online casino, poker room, or sportsbook accept NETeller. Because of this, if players are interested in checking out online gaming sites, a NETeller account would be able to go across many sites, and is not specific to just one.
  • CON: Not For USA Players – While NETeller may be widely available across the world, players in the United States cannot use it for gambling sites. They are for international customers only. This means that U.S. players will have to seek other options.