Fastest Payouts On Online Sportsbooks Using Chime

Fast Chime payouts from online sportsbooks can be had at the top betting site in the United States, Bovada. Bovada has offered the fastest Chime payouts out of any sportsbook ever since their introduction of the MatchPay program a few years ago. Through the Bovada-exclusive MatchPay program, players looking for payouts that are fast using Chime will have no problems at all. This page will illustrate how to achieve the fastest sportsbook payouts with Chime, how the MatchPay program works for Chime withdrawals, and what makes Bovada the best choice for Chime bettors.

Top Online Sportsbooks For Fast Chime Payouts

The fastest online sportsbooks for Chime withdrawals will be reviewed below, with those reviews including how to complete a Chime payout at the specified sportsbook and the payout speeds when using Chime. Bovada is currently the only sportsbook offering Chime payouts, with betting site reviews added if any others begin offering Chime payouts as fast as Bovada.


50% up to $250

Bovada – Betting Site With The Fastest Chime Payouts

Bovada is one of the few sportsbooks that offer Chime payouts, with the popular betting site easily offering the fastest Chime payouts out of them all. Payouts with Chime at Bovada are completed through the MatchPay program at Bovada, with the sportsbook using software to match up users that are looking to use the peer-to-peer processor to both deposit and withdraw. To secure the fastest MatchPay withdrawal possible, Bovada suggests having multiple peer-to-peer processors at your disposal, although the popularity of Chime payouts suggests that it would only take a few minutes to find a match and execute a withdrawal.

Guidelines For Fastest Chime Withdrawals

While requesting a withdrawal from an online betting site through Chime is very quick, there are guidelines and regulations that need to be followed for your transactions to fully go through. There are three main rules that need to be followed including the processing time of how long it takes for you to receive your funds, fees that might be associated with Chime transactions, and limits such as minimum and maximum dollar amounts that you can withdraw.

Chime Payout Processing Times

Those that go through with requesting a Chime payout will be met with the fastest processing time of any withdrawal method that the online betting site has to offer. The process in total can take up to 20 minutes from start to finish. Five minutes to actually request the withdrawal and up to 15 minutes for your funds to hit your Chime account.

Payout Limits For Chime Withdrawals

The limits for requesting a fast Chime payout are very manageable and should not cause any stress on you whatsoever. Those that are looking to request the minimum amount won’t have any trouble in meeting it as it is just $20. Those that hit a big bet can opt to cash out as much as $1,000 in one go around.

Is It Legal To Get Paid Out In Chime From An Online Sportsbook?

In simplest terms, yes, it is legal for you to not only get paid out in Chime from an online sportsbook, but to use the online betting sites in general. These online betting sites are legal from anywhere in the United States regardless of the status of sports betting regulation in that state. That is because the U.S. government does not have any laws that would prohibit you from using them.

Fastest Chime Payouts From Your Phone

Luckily for Chime users, requesting a Chime payout from your phone is just as fast and maybe even faster than doing it from a desktop computer. In order to request a Chime payout from your phone, all you’ll need is internet access and the application downloaded to your mobile device and go through the payout process as you would on a computer. The Chime app is easily accessible as you can download it from several different devices including:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Google Pixel
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • iPad
  • LG Wing
  • Microsoft Surface

Are Chime Payouts Safe From An Online Sportsbook?

Absolutely, it is extremely safe for you to make a fast online betting withdrawal using Chime. Not only are the betting sites safe, but Chime also takes safety very seriously. On the sportsbook side of things, there are usually backend encrypted links that protect both their servers and your web browser with all of your information on it. Chime itself also has AES encryption in place to protect all transactions with their platform meaning you are protected on both ends.