Fastest MatchPay Payouts On Online Sportsbooks

The fastest MatchPay payouts at online sportsbooks are available at Bovada, where players can get fast payouts using PayPal, Venmo, and many other peer-to-peer transaction processors. Bovada is the sportsbook with the fastest payouts for MatchPay for two reasons: the sportsbooks simply offers very fast payouts and MatchPay is a Bovada-specific program! The processes to get the fastest MatchPay payouts at Bovada will be explained on this page along with all the other important information to know when withdrawing with MatchPay.

Top Online Sportsbooks With Fastest MatchPay Payouts

The online sportsbooks that offer fast MatchPay payouts are some of the most highly sought after betting sites no matter the sport you are looking to bet on. They make everything extremely simple to understand and maneuver around their site including making bets and requesting withdrawals which can both be done in the same amount of time.


50% up to $250

One of the Top Sportsbooks Offering MatchPay

Bovada is the only online betting site that offers MatchPay payouts, and luckily for you, they are regarded by many as the number one online sportsbook in the industry today. Aside from offering quick MatchPay payouts, they have some incredible benefits as well such as bonuses that can earn you up to $750 and an incredible mobile betting site that can be used from wherever you are. The great thing about their mobile site also is that you can request MatchPay payouts right from the palm of your hand.

What MatchPay Options Are Available For Withdrawal?

With MatchPay being one of the quickest options to choose from when making a withdrawal from an online betting site, it is best that you familiarize yourself with the different MatchPay withdrawal options available. No matter which MatchPay option you choose though, you’ll need to follow the limits, processing times, and fees that might come along with them. Being that Bovada is the only online betting site to offer MatchPay payouts, that is where you’ll need to look. The MatchPay options you can use at Bovada are:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • CashApp
  • Zelle

MatchPay Withdrawal Limits

When using MatchPay to make a withdrawal, you’ll come to find that the limits are friendly enough for even the everyday sports bettor to use. In order to get paid out quickly with MatchPay options, you’ll need to request a minimum of $20. If you do indeed hit a big bet and want to cash it out, you’ll need to do it $1,000 at a time as that is the maximum amount that you can withdraw in MatchPay per time frame.

Processing Time And Fees For MatchPay Payouts

You’ll come to find that MatchPay withdrawing is one of the quickest payout methods that you can choose from. The process in requesting a MatchPay withdraw is quick and from the moment you request the withdrawal until you get your funds back to you can take up to just 15 minutes. You do need to take note though that you get 2 withdraws per calendar day.

As for the fees that are associated with MatchPay payouts, you’ll be given one free payout per 90 days. If you need to request a payout in that 90-day span though, you will need to pay a flat rate of $100 fee.

How To Withdraw With MatchPay?

The process to actually requesting a payout with MatchPay is very simple to understand and will take you just as long as it does to receive your funds. It is also very convenient being that you can have your funds credited back to any person to person account and right back to your bank account very quickly.

  1. Click withdraw on your profile and choose MatchPay as your desired method.
  2. Log into your MatchPay account (Venmo, CashApp, Etc.) and create an offer.
  3. Enter how many credits from your account you want to sell.
  4. Once a match is made, you’ll come in contact with the buyer of your credits.
  5. Exchange person to person information and confirm receipt of funds.

Are MatchPay Withdrawals Safe?

Using MatchPay to make a withdrawal is not only quick, but it is one of the safest methods that you could possibly choose. That is because not only do the online betting sites have encrypted links that protect their servers and your web browser, but whichever MatchPay option you choose also has backend safety measures in place to ensure a safe and secure process the whole way through.